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Fat Italian Chef Decor

fat italian chef decor
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little chef
little chef
Apologies for not visiting your photostream these past couple of days, I've been concentrating lots of time and energy on my son. My friend's illness has focused my mind on my own situation and I want to build as many memories with him as I can. N's learning about jobs people do at his preschool this week, and yesterday he decided he wanted to be a chef and make pizza. So, we made pizza dough from scratch, cooked a bizarre combination of ingredients for his pizza, baked the pizzas, and then he woofed it all down. I was instructed to photograph each stage so he could take the pictures to school for 'show and tell'. He seems to have more pictures up than any of the other kids, can't imagine why! I'll be back looking at all your amazing and beautiful photos soon :)
Me and Chef Armand
Me and Chef Armand
A long week of commercial photography. A souvenir shot with one of my subjects would help me maintain a good mood. Together with one of Cebu Parklane International hotel's top chefs... Chef Armand. - Manuel's Restaurant, Cebu Parklane International Hotel. (food is really good here!) PS: i'll be posting some of my shots here as soon as the final Ad materials are out.

fat italian chef decor
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