Table decorations for fall. Small kitchen decorating ideas.

Table Decorations For Fall

table decorations for fall
    table decorations
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Trio of Autumn Woven Baskets for a Nature Table or Children's Purses
Trio of Autumn Woven Baskets for a Nature Table or Children's Purses
I've made the paper version of these traditional Scandinavian Christmas decorations, but thought it may be interesting to try a wool felt version. So, I used some beautiful, plant-dyed wool felt to make this trio of autumnal woven-heart baskets. (Please see the link in my Flickr profile for more information about how to obtain the woven baskets.) Each item is hand-woven, and then hand-embroidered using the blanket stitch around the edges. The hangers/handles are made from 100% cotton yarn in yellow and/or orange. These items can be used several different ways: - hung from a door knob, they can be a pretty fall decoration for your home. - children love to wear them like little purses; and either carry items around the home or collect items in them when they go on nature walks. - collect some branches and place them in a vase on your nature table. Hang the woven basket and other fall items from the branches for a nice autumn display. Each heart measures 3 3/4" x 3 1/2" (not including the yarn hanger/handle).
Hand Decorated Fall Cookie Favors
Hand Decorated Fall Cookie Favors
A selection of fall inspired hand decorated cookie favors. Perfect for your fall celebrations. Use as placecards or edible table decorations.

table decorations for fall