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Fireplace Decoration Ideas

fireplace decoration ideas
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Redwood Burl 1
Redwood Burl 1
This year, a lot of my job has been hiking creeks. As such I see lots and lots of driftwood. I LOVE driftwood. It has a beautiful simplicity and yet complexity, in home decor it is both calming and warming. It's great stuff. So as I hiked along my merry way I began to grab pieces that I thought were particularly worth carrying 2 miles to the car. I then had a bunch of driftwood and no place for it, and no idea what to do with it. That's when I had an epiphany (of sorts). I'll make table and mantlepieces. I would bring the wood home, dry it out, and then bore and chisel holes for candles. And thus is born my Wood and Warmth: Driftwood Centerpieces line of woodcarving art.
Our Fireplace
Our Fireplace
This is a picture of our fireplace on November 20, 2008. It's an electric fireplace that just plugs right into the wall. We can't hang our stockings on it because it blocks the vent where the heat blows out so thats why the stockings are hung around the doors.

fireplace decoration ideas