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Dot Wall Decor

dot wall decor
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dot wall decor - Hot Pink
Hot Pink & Lime Green Wall Circle Bubble Stickers Rings & Dots Decals 50+pc 11"
Hot Pink & Lime Green Wall Circle Bubble Stickers Rings & Dots Decals 50+pc 11"
Wall Circle Stickers ~ These are made with top-of-the-line INDOOR MATTE finish wall vinyl. This vinyl will not harm your painted or wallpapered walls. They are easily removable just by peeling them off. The matte finish makes them like a beautiful paint job! The Wall Circles work well on textured walls also. Each circle is an individual item and can be taped around the room to get an idea of placement before application. At application the backing gets peeled off and the circle gently placed on the wall, then firmly rubbed.

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Lots of Dots Mobile
Lots of Dots Mobile
A great addition to any bare wall or ceiling, this festive hand crocheted mobile will liven up your space! Various sizes of crocheted circles are attached to four different lengths of ribbons, which can be hung in a row together, or split up, depending on your decorating style, what you would like to do with them! The circle colors include chocolate brown, lime green, white, red orange, and magenta. The ribbon is satin white, and I've sewn the top so that they can be hung easily. Ribbon lengths are 19 1/2, 21 1/2, 22 1/2, and 25 inches Circles range from an inch and a quarter at the smallest to 3 inches at the largest. This item can be custom made in any color combination! Convo me if you would like a custom made mobile.
Dragonfly and Dinosaur Hand Painted Wall Hangings For Boy or Girl Room Decor
Dragonfly and Dinosaur Hand Painted Wall Hangings For Boy or Girl Room Decor
Set or Individual hand pained Dragonfly (measures at 6" wide and 5" tall) with its teal, chocolate and pink berry colors as an added touch fine glitter to give it a glistened look. Dinosaur (measures at 5" tall and 7" wide)has its own lime green, silver, black and grey robotic looking touches. Both can be sold as a set at $10.00 or if you would like just one at $5.00, please let me know which one you choose. Both have a small hook in back for e-z hanging. All items come a smoke-free home. Thanks for looking. click in my profiles for the link of more handmade items.

dot wall decor
dot wall decor
Delightful Dots Teal and Brown Wall Decal Stickers (Repositionable) Peel and Stick!
17 dots! Beautiful teals, greens and brown dots in patterns and solids!
Simply peel and stick! These decals are removable and reusable! The dots are easy to put up and won't damage walls! Fun and colorful design detail to add to your walls!
NEW! Our wonderful new Movable Murals! (peel and stick)
* Repositionable Peel and Stick
* Matte, thin material
* High resolution artwork
* No Bubbles, no damage to your walls!
* Artwork right to the edge (no clear film edge)
* Backing will not stick to itself and get ruined
* Indefinite Repositioning
* Easy To Remove... Leaves No Residue
* Will Not Rip
* Fade Resistant and Waterproof
Adheres to nearly any surface - indoor or outdoor (will stick to glass, textured walls etc!) Reusable - Can be moved over and over again (tested at 200 or so moves). Can store on backing sheet.
* Three 10" dots
* Three 7" dots
* Four 4" dots
* Three 3 1/2" dots
* Four 2 3/4" dots
This new line of Movable Murals is made of a matte material that is just FABULOUS! It is far and away the best removable, re-positionable mural product on the market. You can't MAKE a mistake! If you don't like where you put it just peel off and re-stick! Put it on any surface and it will stick and re-stick indefinitely. It will STAY on your wall until you take it off. Simply peel off to remove. Store on backing sheet. Great for dorm rooms, apartments and any temporary situation, but elegant enough for your bedroom or living room!