Cabin Decorating Catalogs

cabin decorating catalogs
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cabin decorating catalogs - Cabin: Two
Cabin: Two Brothers, a Dream, and Five Acres in Maine
Cabin: Two Brothers, a Dream, and Five Acres in Maine
Inspired by his From the Ground Up New York Times blog, a beautifully written memoir about building and brotherhood.
Confronted with the disappointments and knockdowns that can come in middle age-job loss, the death of his mother, a health scare, a divorce-Lou Ureneck needed a project that would engage the better part of him and put him back in life's good graces. City-bound for a decade, Lou decided he needed to build a simple post-and-beam cabin in the woods. He bought five acres in the hills of western Maine and asked his younger brother, Paul, to help him.
Twenty years earlier the brothers had built a house together. Now Lou saw working with Paul as a way to reconnect with their shared history and to rediscover his truest self. As the brothers-with the help of Paul's sons-undertake the challenging construction, nothing seems to go according to plan. But as they raise the cabin, Ureneck eloquently reveals his own evolving insights into the richness and complexity of family relationships, the healing power of nature, and the need to root oneself in a place one can call home. With its exploration of the satisfaction of building and of physical labor, Cabin will also appeal to readers of Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Matthew Crawford's Shop Class as Soulcraft, and Tracy Kidder's House.

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1982 Madelman Catalogue 2
1982 Madelman Catalogue 2
This one’s from my archive of paper collection such as posters, catalogues, instruction manuals and so on. They remind me of good times I had as a lad. It is amazing how fast I can go back in time just by looking at them and I can vividly remember that particular point in time. Funny thing is that I have to struggle to recall what I did even yesterday! That’s why I keep my diary every day. Ha Ha!!!
Cabin "D" from Bathurst St
Cabin "D" from Bathurst St
Cabin "D" from Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario June 30, 1984; (24-30).

cabin decorating catalogs
cabin decorating catalogs
Cabins: A Guide to Building Your Own Nature Retreat
"Clear, practical book ... full-color photos help do-it-yourselfers realize their dreams." -- Log Homes Illustrated
The best-selling Cabins is back in print, at the same great value of its original price. This authoritative how-to title gives readers all the information they need to build their own cabin, including:
A useful list of essential questions to consider during the planning process

Types of cabin construction, such as pole built, stick built, post and beam, stone, cordwood, wood siding, and the advantages of each

Site preparation, foundations, windows and doors, ladders and stairs, insulation, roofing, electricity, water systems and heating

Essential information on log cabins

Cabin designs and their advantages

Furnishings and accessories
Construction methods are clearly illustrated in meticulous line drawings and precise plans with measurements. Cut-away cross-sections and exploded diagrams give the builder the true perspective and detail needed to obtain the best result, allowing readers to get the most enjoyment out of their newly built wilderness retreat.