So we have to work very hard.  We have to work.

It is effortlessly given to you, all right, but to maintain it, keep it up to go high, we have to religiously work it out.  It is a very humble attitude in receiving more and more into your being, imbibing into your being.

Let it trickle into your brain completely covering it.

Let that external bliss come into you.

I am so anxious.  Do not make yourself a small person.

Have a bigger vision.  Have bigger ideas because now you belong to the bigger thing, the biggest of all, the Primordial, the highest, to the Virata!  If you realise your importance then you will work it out.
Shri Mataji - Jan 1984

"..When that state comes into your mind, then whatever you do, the Deity that you worship, you see that Deity in you work; whatever you see, you see the Deity giving you the show; you can put it like that.

Whatever you hear you find the Deity telling you the truth; whatever you read you find there what the Deity would tell you.  So, in that state, whatever you do with your eyes, nose and all these organs, all that becomes a kind of manifestation of the Deity whom you worship, automatically"   

 Shri Mataji - Jan 1984

Devi Mahatmyam Reading - Part 1


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