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Local stuff/events/happenings that are just flipping wonderful

Every city or regional area has things that happen every few weeks, months or maybe even annually, that are just so....precious to the "scene": they heal your mental well being, humor, keep you from moving to Austin or boost your music or art career in one evening and.. they make the holiday season complete or make the Summertime bearable or just X-mas or Arbor Day... these are the events, shows, traditions and things that if they didn't happen then the year/season/month would be incomplete. They sneak up on ya, you miss them or their deadlines easily, they are .........Those Things "people in the know" Know. These Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton events or shows that are not so much a place to be seen at, but instead are "a must see" or event to participate in or attend and have a great time with quality folks and culture etc. Miss these events and you are missing out on DFW's reasons not to eat powdered pool chemicals.

The JC Experience
though it comes round maybe 4-5 a times a year and is um in its first year. This is a Live Variety show performed on stage by Chad Stockslager and John Pedigo, 2 local musicians that are damn funny and play music like sweet sweet tea.... um...they are great!. An all star talented supporting cast and crew plus "special" guests, bits, video clips, music and downright weepingly funny stuff all presented LIVE in a bar (funny plus booze equals ha ha). Think the Smothers Brothers meets The Abbot and Costello Show and a good dose of Conan O'Brien and you have a somewhat good idea of what your in for...... but there is cussing....yep ...and jokes. How's that? Oh and it is bleeping hilarious...go see it dammit. Check La Grange Bar or the JC Exp website for the next show.
Artists I admire and know
these links are under construction, if you know me and are an artist please remind me that I admire you... or that you do art..hah..JK.. but do it....please...I am getting old
Frank Campagna
Sara Jane Semrad
John Booth
Ange Fitzgerald
Allison V Smith
Jason Janik
Todd Ramsell
John Freeman
Andrea Roberts

Local Galleries that every young Artist should Know
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Kettle Gallery
Revolution Gallery