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Welcome to the new online Art gallery and web page for Dallas artist Cabe Booth

yeah after 8 years I finally built a new page and updated the info...
I was......very busy.
For a better idea of just "how busy" visit my art gallery (read on below or look upper left for link)

Where are my art images here?
if you wish to view my galleries of all my currently uploaded photos of my art and meddling such as:

Verizon (aka Nokia-Next Stage) Theater/Palladium Ballroom /Curtain Club /Sprint Center (and other misc live venue portraits),

murals, aviation, warplanes,
birds/flight, art conspiracy paintings, charity works (Art,
 infamous-famous-personal-commissioned portraits, personal and college art,
photos, ww2 tank
models and  hand made dioramas...
then please look to the upper left below
"Sections/Pages" and click on "my online art gallery"

and that will take you to my Art and other Images Gallery on flickr.com
organized in many  sub-galleries full of thumbnails to click on for a larger image
 No hassle, it's just a quick link to forward you to my HUGE and often updated online art gallery.

I plan to better organize the galleries there and have page here dedicated to describing what each gallery contains....
 but my artwork calls as usual

How to contact Cabe Booth

 you can call me on my cell 24 hrs a day or text me at 214-734-6425
You can email me at
get with me via Facebook


It is ok to contact me directly, however larger projects (if you are unsure, contact me or Holly below) should be directed to:
Holly Oney

Director of New Media
tel: 214.912.6838
fax: 469.327.0843