The Hawaiian goose, or Nene, is an endangered species of goose from Hawaii (duh!), where it once suffered at the hands of hunting, introduced predators and habitat loss.

It's the world's rarest goose and in the 50s as few as 30 Nene survived. Now, thanks to conservation efforts, the Nene is making a comeback. 

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Thanks to my friend Stew who took the two photos here during his recent trip to Hawaii. :o)

And thanks to the adoption staff at the WWT who kept us updated on our adopted birds!

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 Nosey and Molly

This page is dedicated to Nosey (aka APU) and Molly (aka BFX), our adopted Nene at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Arundel. They were a successful breeding pair and raised four chicks in 2001: 3 males and 1 female. While the males were sent to private collections and Bentley Wildfowl Park, the female (ring AVU) remained at WWT Slimbridge, where she has partnered AVT and produced at least 5 goslings this year. 

Sadly, Nosey and Molly have since died but their legacy lives on.

Nosey and Molly

Click here for more photos of Molly and Nosey.