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Written disturbingly in the third person...

Rich Edwards hails from the southern seaside town of Bognor Regis, on the south coast of Sussex. The town is famous because King George V's last words were reputedly "Bugger Bognor!" Interestingly, this does not feature in the town council's account of the King's visit (the link to which is now dead!), presumable because he wasn't in Bognor when he said it. Bognor is also well known for Butlin's South Coast World, and the original Bird Man Rally, an annual event in which participants strap on giant wings and hurl themselves off the pier into the sea. (Every year, at least one competitor concusses themselves when they hit the water. Unfortunately, this "natural selection in action" is thwarted by the event officials, who invariably pull them out.)

Rich started writing stories at an early age under the seductive influence of trying to emulate his big brother, Robin. The only real difference was, Robin was good at it. Having only been educated in English to GCSE level, and at an English Comprehensive at that, Rich's knowledge of the English language is largely empirical and ropey at best. You can probably tell. (Grammar corrections etc. are welcome!)

Although several stories have been started over the years (one story no less than three times!), The Cabbages of Doom is the only one ever to be finished (with the excpetion fo a few overlong pieces of school coursework). Mystic Mog and the Exploding Tortoise may be the second but don't hold your breath. (Unless you're reading this underwater, or trying to get rid of hiccups.) Plans are also afoot for a serious sci-fi/fantasy novel. Yeah, right.

After a spell in Dublin, Ireland, Rich now lives in Southampton with his wife and two cats. Neither cat is psychic. He has been to Swansea but can't really remember much about it.

Richard Edwards,
6 Jan 2012, 01:05