My Steering Wheel Shakes

my steering wheel shakes
    steering wheel
  • a handwheel that is used for steering
  • The wheel of a ship is the modern method of adjusting the angle of the rudder, in turn changing the direction of the boat or ship. It is also called the helm, together with the rest of the steering mechanism.
  • A wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle
  • A steering wheel (also called a driving wheel or hand wheel) is a type of steering control in vehicles and vessels (ships and boats).
  • (shake) move or cause to move back and forth; "The chemist shook the flask vigorously"; "My hands were shaking"
  • (shake) shingle: building material used as siding or roofing
  • An amount of something that is sprinkled by shaking a container
  • An earth tremor
  • (shake) milkshake: frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream
  • An act of shaking
my steering wheel shakes - Special K
Special K Protein Shakes, Strawberry, 4-Count Bottles (Pack of 6)
Special K Protein Shakes, Strawberry, 4-Count Bottles (Pack of 6)
A strawberry flavored meal replacement shake With 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber is a creamy delicious way to help you lose weight that satisfies hunger longer. There are 180 calories in 1 serving of Kellogg's Special K Protein Shake. When you need a delicious and convenient way to help manage your weight, reach for creamy Special K Protein Shakes. With every tasty shake, you’ll get the nutritional benefits of protein and fiber that can help satisfy your hunger so you can lose weight. Special K Protein Products are designed to promote a reduced feeling of hunger by increasing daily intake of protein and fiber.

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Bad Sign
Bad Sign
The year before this photo was taken, Ted and I were driving through Virginia on the way to Austin, Texas. It was about 10 or so hours into the nearly 30 hour drive. We kept seeing these empty blue signs along the highway (waiting to be filled with promise of gas stations and rest areas...) and thought it would be cool to photograph one, but could never slow down enough to snap them in time. A little past Christiansburg, I had to take a whiz real bad. I hadn't seen a place to go in a while, and didn't know when the next rest area or gas station would be. Not to mention it was around 11 pm - who knew what would be open. I’m not a very good just-hold-it-in guy. I especially hate driving when agitated like that, because if you know you’ve got to go, you should go, in case you get stuck in traffic on a bridge (has happened to me plenty of times) or need to focus because of the weather or something. And I really had to pee. My legs were shaking. I was trying to scratch an itch on my shoulder with my ear. My hands tapped the steering wheel uncontrollably and I couldn’t grasp it any longer, much less clench my fists. Where was the next rest area? We hadn’t seen one in so long! And then I saw the damn sign – the empty blue sign, with no rest area and no gas station. That was all I could take. So I did what my parents always did when I was young and couldn't hold it any longer... I pulled the car over, hit the hazards, hopped out and relieved myself. Ted did the same. Not 40 seconds after getting out of the car and makin' rainbows do we hear sirens and see lights. We were getting pulled over... sort of. I walk over to the cop, all friendly like, take off my cowboy hat (bein' the respectful well mannered young man I can sometimes pretend to be), and say "Hi!" "Are you the driver of this vehicle?" "I am. Can I help you with something?" "Sir, could you have a seat in the passenger side of my vehicle please." (This was not a question.) So, I did, and tried to chat with him, make nice. Told him we were coming down from New York on our way to Texas, just passin' through, had to stay up all night, so we drank a lot of coffee. I apologized for urinating on the side of the road. He waved it off. So, why did he "pull me over"? If not for my uncouth public urination? "You're not allowed to pull over in the break-down lane unless it's an emergency." "Well... it kind of was an emergency..." "You realize that the longer you stay in the break-down lane, the more of a Danger you are to yourself and everyone driving by? You could get plowed right into." I looked back over my shoulder at the steady stream of 80+ mile an hour semi's flicking by. "Uh, yeah." "There was a rest area just two miles up the road there." "Oh... I didn't know that; see, that sign's blank." "Sir there's another sign posted up just a mile ahead." I was tired of arguing with him. He wanted to nail me for my out of state plates. I couldn’t win this one. Then a peculiar call came over the radio. "Bzzzt - We have a [police code number - can't remember which one] on a 5 foot 10 gentleman, brown hair, traveling in an SUV, coming from New York, repeat, that's a [police code number]" Wait a second... I've got an SUV... and I'm coming from New York... And I've got brown hair... I put my cowboy hat back on. The cop is suddenly completely still. For like, twenty seconds. Twenty long seconds. I could hear him breathing. I'm about to say something, make a joke or something, when he slowly starts reaching for the radio. "Uh.. can.. I get a license check on [my license number - spoken very slowly.. with a little twinge in his voice]" This guy was scared! Scared of ME! AWESOME! It was kind of satisfying to see him quake in fear of me, for whatever evil I may have done to warrant that particular police-code number. Eventually, they radio'd back with an 'all-clear.’ He gave me my ticket, and I was on my way. Do you know how long I sat there in his car? Twenty minutes. That's twenty minutes we were a danger to ourselves and anyone else passing by, sitting ducks for someone to plow into us. And the ticket was 30 stupid dollars, with 45 stupid dollar processing fee. He told me he let me off easy - he could have 'given me points on my license.' For having to go to the bathroom. Sorry. So as it turns out, Ted had tried to take a picture of that blue sign while waiting for me, but his camera battery died (and it's one of those Kodak digital cam's that leaves the lense out when the battery dies. What a pain. We drove on, and laughed about it. Exactly a year later (almost… it was light out this time), on another Austin trip, we drove by the very same spot. Ted slowed down, I leaned out the window and got this shot. Oh, highway
Rock N Roll Jesus
Rock N Roll Jesus
Yes, I like Kid Rock. Don't say a word, Punkass! One of my all-time favorite songs of his is on Rock N Roll Jesus, track number 7. It's called "When U Love Someone" and it reminds me of my kids. "I tell you it will shake the earth beneath your feet The light that shines will redefine your old beliefs What you reap is what you sow and so it goes Where you plant your needs is where your garden grows Before you think about yourself Think of someone else, it will make you feel Each day ain't wine and roses I doubt it's meant to be Always a cross to bear salvation don't come free A heart that beats is a heart that bleeds And you know that's true So don't deny yourself of something good for you Before you do it for yourself, do it for someone else That makes it real 'Cause when you love someone It don't matter what you say When you love someone You will dance the night away When you love someone There ain't nothing you can't do Ain't that right Yeah I want to love someone tonight Will you believe in love or just sit around and judge? Can you forgive someone or will u hold a grudge? Cuz above selfishness there lies a bright blue sky And wealth and happiness can be a long and lonesome ride Yes it's hard to steer yourself Without that someone else to take the wheel Take the wheel [Chorus] Do you believe in the art of growing old Do you believe that rock n roll can save your soul Do you believe in everything you do Cuz when you do that's when it all comes back to you Before you think about yourself Think of someone else Do it for yourself And do it for someone else" It really is a great song. Again, shut it, Punk! P.S. It was harder than I friggin' thought it would be to get a picture of this! Ha. Today's TRP: Lucky Number 7

my steering wheel shakes
my steering wheel shakes
Special K Protein Shakes, Milk Chocolate, 4-Count Bottles (Pack of 6)
It’s time to shake up your morning with one truly great-tasting breakfast shake! Special K™ Milk Chocolate Protein Shakes are the perfectly portable, on-the-go way to grab breakfast (lunch, or dinner)! With 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it’s the creamy, delicious way to satisfy your hunger and help you lose weight. And with its resealable lid and handy-dandy design, you can tuck it in your purse, car or gym bag. It’s the yummy, chocolatey-good protein shake you’ve been waiting for!