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You can hear the the city if you listen to a seashell on the beach!


 Whoo hoo! Our video "Gameplay May Change During Online Play" finally made it through the MPRRS! And it did really well! Here is the original news post. It managed to crack the Top Ten Highest Rated Movies on Halo.Bungie.Org out of 200 passed movies! Here is what the critics had to say.

Check out the whole film on Google Video! 


 Other Downloads:

  •  Here is an "action" trailer I edited for the film. Normal Res here . Or you can  get the youtube trailer here.
  • You can download the whole film in normal resolution here (Windows Media) and here (Quicktime) it's 100 Mb so brace yourself! ;)
  • If you are impatient you can view a lo-res version right away on youtube! Here is part one and here is part two!
  • Or if you'd like to download it to your PSP so you can have some portable laughs, go here.

 Warning! Here be spoilers! Do not read untill you have already seen the movie!!1111

We came up with the idea for the film after a really afwful night in Halo 2. First we had to wait forever for a match, and once we got a match it either lagged or had cheaters, morons that spouted racists slurs and profanity, and annoying little pipsqueaks. Afterwards I thought, we should make a movie of a bunch of regular guys fighting these guys back. It should be noted my first draft was only 4 pages, the final script ended up being 12. 

This was our second official vid, our first vid Taking One For The Team was only 3 minutes long with only one speaking part and one character on screen for 80% of the movie. This one was 15 minutes long, had 10 characters total with 9 speaking parts and WAY more action happening….I guess we either like a challenge or are crazy bastards…I think the latter.

 Note to self: NEVER USE CTF MODE FOR MOVIES!!111 

The biggest challenge the movie presented, was that a good portion was filmed in CTF mode. And even if you turn off all indicators, the team indicators still show. This was solved by me being on the opposite team. For example when you see the blue or red guys with the flag, I had to be on the opposite team to avoid team indicators. That is also why you never see the red and blue team with the flag in the same shot. The only exception is the shot where the jeep is about to crush the reds. And no..I could not switch to another team, relic does not support neutral flag with more than 2 teams unfortunately. *Hmmph* 

Another challenge we had to face is that I could not speak to the opposite team unless they were close enough to hear me through proximity chat. So I had a member of the opposing team standing next to me that acted as my assistant director and communicated all my instructions to them. 

A visual problem we noticed that when using single or multiflag, you get the big red triangle indicator when the flag is held by the opposite team, so we solved this by playing neutral flag ( that is why the flag is white). Any scene without the flag was filmed in oddball mode, however another problem presented itself since on Relic the geometry of the base changes depending on what mode you are playing. So even when the flag was not in view…we HAD to be in CTF mode to have the correct base shape in the background…*sigh* 

So just so you know I am never EVER making a CTF movie on Relic ever again! ;) 

  Fun Trivia:

  • From concept to final cut took aproximately 2 months. 
  • The director never met any of the cast members in person during the whole shoot, this whole thing was filmed over the interwebz!  
  • All the footage with less than 4 characters on screen was filmed on a 2 Xbox LAN with 4 controllers, with me operating them alone ( masking tape and nimble toes help!). 
  • We used unmodded Xboxes, the shot where the camara “leaps” from the ground to the top of the base was achieved by reversing a shot where I fell backwards of the base. 
  • The total raw AVI capture footage came to over 200 Gb, Windows movie maker LOVES to crash when your files get that big....and re-editing a scene after a program crash is awesome......NOT!
  •  The film was shot completely out of order, the first sequence was the “Dukes of Hazzard” warthog jump, and the final shot of the film is where Decoy gets in the car after they flip it over on the beach. 
  • The script went through 10 iterations. Demented Decoy added and polished the dialog while Raydancer came up with a good number of gags ( my favorite being the Looney Tunes red intro). 
  • None of the audio or voices were “in game”, everything you hear was added in post production. 
  • Emo red was voiced by Cecil. Aggro was done by Jimbo. I did Muscle, Lil boy and the “Dukes” narrator.  

 Bring in the Reds! 

Some of you said you liked the red team characters,there were several other red characters that were in previous drafts but didn’t make it in the final vid:

  •  “Smokey Red”: A stoner gamer, that is doing bong hits and grabbing munchies mid game”. 
  • “Gollum Red”: A sword whore that calls the plasma sword “the precious”
  •  “Rosie Red”: A girl gamer that is talking on her cell the whole time during the game. 
  • “BRB Red”: A player that was away from his controller the whole match and had to be pushed around by the other team members.

 Meet the Cast!: 

 Obie ( Obienator)

Overblown sense of heroism, always used as a human shield.

 Cecil ( Demented Decoy)

Jack of all trades, master of none. 

 Don ( Raydancer )

Seemingly a soft spoken family man, actually a notorious ninja assasin.

 Jason ( Badfinger)

Former sugar addict, current caffeine monkey.

Jimbo ( ChaosRoot )


Insane asylum escapee, future presidential candidate.


  One thing I truly regret is that I did not save many bloopers for my vid. I was so hellbent on saving my hardrive from the        onslaught of massive files I would delete everything erronious. However one thing I did save was this clip of one of the          "Dukes of Hazzard " jump attempts, and Brianne's "Elite" strength! You shall not pass!

 And so we end our broadcast day.

All in all we had a lot of fun making the film, I want to thank all my friends for helping and wait till I said “cut” before they killed me…after every shot! They are truly the best people in the world, and this movie would never’ve happened without their help, and patience. I will probably do another flick in the future, but I will try to spread out the tasks, filming, editing,music/sound mixing and voicing a bunch of characters almost killed me. But then again, I can a bit of a stubborn ass and end up doing most of the work myself anyways…..c’est la vie. ;) 

And who knows, we might run into the reds again in the near future.

"Ya Gotta Make The Sequel!"

We have finally started work on the sequel to "Gameplay May Change". Titled "The Haxor That Loved Me", follows the adventures of the wacky red team. If you want to see the sneak peek trailer and more info go HERE.


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