Welcome to the CAASD lab in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading.

Principal Investigator: Dr Fang Liu

Our project, entitled "Cracking the pitch code in music and language: Insights from congenital amusia (CA) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD)," is funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant (ERC-2015-StG, 678733, CAASD, 2016-2021) to Dr Fang Liu (University of Reading, UK), with Professor Cunmei Jiang (Shanghai Normal University, China) as a project partner.

Our research aims to investigate the underlying mechanisms of pitch processing in language and music through comparative studies of two neurodevelopmental disorders: CA – congenital amusia, and ASD – autism spectrum disorders. 

The two disorders demonstrate intriguing differences in music, language, emotion, pitch, memory, and cognitive processing that may provide us with a unique opportunity for examining the underlying mechanisms of normal music and language functioning.

Our findings will not only enhance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying normal music, language, and emotional processing, but also be helpful for developing effective intervention and rehabilitation programs for the treatment of CA and ASD.

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