Executive Positions


Description of Positions:

The President shall:

  1. be responsible for the general functioning of the Association
  2. be sole spokesman for the Association;
  3. be responsible for convening meetings of the Association;
  4. be ultimately responsible for the finances of the Association;
  5. be a member of the CAANCB Awards Committee;
  6. be a member of the Council of the CAANCB;
  7. be a co-signatory of cheques.

The Vice President Shall:

  1. Replace the President if he/she cannot maintain the position until the next election
  2. Assist the President in the management of the society and society programs
  3. Attend meetings on behalf of the President when he/she cannot attend
  4. Sit on the CAANCB awards committee as graduate student representative 

The Secretary shall: 

  1. be responsible for recording and circulating of the minutes of Council meetings;
  2. refer all correspondence of the Council and the Association to the Secretary;
  3. be responsible for transfering information from the executive to the staff of the newsletter

The Treasurer shall:

  1. receive all accounts due to the Association;
  2. prepare a yearly budget;
  3. be a co-signatory of cheques.

The Departmental Representatives shall:

  • promote the society within the department with students, postdocs and faculty members

  • distribute any information sent through CAANCB or CAANCBGS

  • recruit new members, collect their applications and payments and forward to treasurer