Why Should I Attend Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is the premier 
adult leader training 
program for the Boy Scouts of America. It teaches 
contemporary leadership and team development 
skills in a hands on, outdoor setting. Its purpose is 
to aid adult Scouters in providing a quality Scouting 
program, which will help the Scouts you serve grow 
to their greatest potential. 

Wood Badge is not a “Scout Skills” course. It 
focuses on skills such as communication, team 
development, conflict resolution, servant 
leadership, and self‐assessment. Wood Badge 
combines the most current leadership skills used by 
corporate America, with the best elements of the 
outdoor leadership training programs of the BSA. 
While the skills you take away from Wood Badge 
will be useful in your role as a Scouter, they will be 
equally helpful in making you a more effective 
communicator and leader at work, at home, or in 
other volunteer or professional roles.
  • Our promise to you is a course that provides 
    knowledge, leadership skills, friendship, and 
    camaraderie, presented by an enthusiastic t
    eam of some of the Council’s best trainers.
  • Our goal is that you will take away new skills 
    that you can certainly use in Scouting, but also 
    in your daily life.
  • Our guarantee is that you’ll do all this in a fun, 
    exciting, hands on atmosphere that will provide 
    you with memories that will last you a lifetime!
Wood Badge is an experience like no other, and I 
encourage you to consider joining us in 2016!

Blair Piotrowski
C7‐660‐16 Course Director