Dawn of War: Deathworld Veterans Mod Project 


Welcome to the *new* official homepage for the Deathworld Veterans Mod project for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.  (Our origonal page disapeared from the Dowfiles sight, but that was probably due to a lack of updates)

The Deathworld Veterans mod is a project dedicated to adding a race to Dawn of War. This race is a specialized faction of the imperial guard that is drawn from the many deathworlds included in the Imperium of Man. The most well known of these worlds is Catachan. Catachan is a world covered entirely in jungles. Horrid diseases that can kill a man in a few hours, and massive predators that have never been successfully hunted, force all but the strongest inhabitants to perish. It is said that if you reach the age of 10 that only then might you have a fighting chance at survival.

Regiments drawn from these deathworlds are easily worth ten of any other regiment when combat moves into the forests and jungles. Even on open soil, their hardiness, and natural instinct for preservation make them easily worth two. No greater master of traps and ambushes exists in the galaxy than those bred on Deathworlds. Covert operations and deadly skill make them more than a formidable foe. They make them simply lethal.

From this web site, you will find links to Mod Downloads (When we reach that stage), Mod Screenshots, Concept art (if we ever manage to get some to exist ;) ), and perhaps even some other goodies (right now, I don't have a clue as to what these might be).

Welcome! and please, enjoy!