Hacking the Mind, Hacking the Body: Pleasure
a.k.a. the Hacking Sex talk at The Last HOPE 

Here's the website I've been promising you all since the talk. You can find basic information about the talk here, an extended version of my notes for the talk, pages of links to visit to learn more about the subjects talked about, and, once I get the DVD ripped, BitTorrent and YouTube links to the video of the talk itself.

 Requests From You!

 There's a couple of things I'm looking for to complete this site, including pictures, audio, and simple information. If you can provide any of the following, please email me at C4bl3Fl4m3 AT gmail DOT com. THANKS!

1.) Links for the BDSM groups in your area 

2.) Pictures of the Tickle-Me Dildo

3.) Audio of the Tickle-Me Dildo (can be audio of just the Tickle-Me Elmo if you have that)

4.) The name/handle of the person who made the Tickle-Me Dildo

5.) Have you already ripped my talk or the Q&A session afterward? Put it up on BitTorrent? Posted it on YouTube? Please let me know so I don't have to. (I've never done that before and I'd rather have a copy from someone experienced.)

Basic Info (from The Last Hope program)

A continuation of the infamous “Hacking Sex” third track presentation from HOPE Number Six. This will be a talk about sexuality, pleasure, and our bodies from a hacker's point of view covering such diverse methods as hypnosis, BDSM, role play, sex toys, and body modification. C4bl3Fl4m3 will share her in depth (and sometimes hands-on) knowledge in increasing the pleasure felt by ourselves and our partners. With brand new material as well as tried-and-true secrets, this presentation is perfect for all genders and orientations. Topics covered will include erotic hypnosis, sex toys and their usage, BDSM, body modifications, meditation and other sexual/spiritual forms of mind altering, sexual role play, sexual techniques, cybersexuality, tele and technodildonics.

My Notes (edited to include more info)

Want More Information? (URLs, Books and Whatnot)

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BONUS! Sex Q&A with the Phone Losers of America