Yo.  This is a page for lost breeds/agents/etc for Creatures 3 / Docking Station.  New stuff's being added as I sort through it, put the files together, and figure out what's still out there and what's not.  For more information about the Archives, see the "Project: Archive" page.   The site's new, so if the downloads aren't working or you have trouble with the page, please let me know (
Latest Additions:
- Added a list of converted C2 agents to the C2 to DS Metaroom Page.  (3/24/09)
- Added new version of Insta-Lift to Misc Agents page.  New version fixes a problem with the uninstaller. (3/24/09)
- Another new version of C1toC2toDS Extra Lifts uploaded to the C2 to DS Metaroom Page.  I had forgotten the uninstaller.  (3/24/09)
- Added Guardrails and Ocean Bridge (new agents) to C2 to DS Metaroom Page. (3/20/09)
- Downloads fixed at Eem Labs!  (Thanks, ElasticMuffin!)  Removed SMW Spike Tops, Vibraphone, and Calendar.  (4/2/09)
- Kumquat Plant (Prime) - Prime's plants are available at Sylv's Docking Station Page. (3/24/09)
- Windchimes (By Mysticfalcon) - They're available at Mysticfalcon's Worldz.  (3/24/09)
- Jason A's Cheese Launcher - It's available at Mummy's Creatures.  (3/24/09)
- Grendel GUI - It's available here (The Albivion Archives) in the 'Agents' pack. (3/11/09)
- Lemon Vendor, Pumpkin Vendor, Berry Vendor, Forcefield, and Bongo Drums - available at Creatures3.norn.  (3/9/09)
- Archways (Sprites by Moe, code by Aquashee) You can find it at . :) (3/8/09)
- Weather Generator (by Aquashee).  You can find it at .  :) (3/8/09)
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(Agent - Vendor - Food)

By MKid112.  (Previously available at Edash's Creatures)
It vends Astro-themed pears.  It looks like it used to be hosted at Edash's Creatures before the "new site" went down.  (Note:  You can still get most of the agents from Edash's Creatures at the old site, though.)


Inflatable Swamp Kitty

(Agent - Toy)


 By MNB.  (Previously available at Creatures Mainframe)

It is a toy.  It inflates and floats up if you click on it.

Download the Inflatable Swamp Kitty

(Agent - Tool)


By MNB.  (Previously available at Creatures Mainframe)

It's just what it sounds like - It 'lays' creature eggs.  You can adjust it using the blue buttons, I think.

 Bug Zapper
(Agent - Tool)

By MNB.  (Previously available at Creatures Mainframe)
Automatically removes all agents classified as 'pests'.

Made by Random. (Previously at Creatures Mainframe.)
 I like it too much to let it go unhosted.  Five seperated, empty levels.  Great for storing things and sectioining off creatures.
(Agent - Plant)


Sprites by Trollop, Code by ub1111.  (Previously at Hardman Haven)

 You click the packet and it throws out seeds.  As usual, the seeds grow like crazy.  I think they're edible but I'm not sure.

(Agent - Plant)

Sprites by Trollop, Code by ub1111. (Previously at Hardman Haven)

'Quick growing and very sturdy, the vines that grow in the foggy lowlands of Bug's realm are known to be very attractive when in bloom.  The brilliant arrowhead flower clusters almost glow when shrouded in morning mist...'  Enabling autokill is recommended. 

(Agent - Plant)

Sprites by Trollop, Code by ub1111. (Previously at Hardman Haven)
It's a growing, edible plant.  Works really well in the C2 to DS metaroom.


Goldencap Mushroom

(Agent - Plant)


Sprites by Trollop, Code by ub1111. (Previously at Hardman Haven)

Previously at Hardman Haven.  The packet creates a few really slow-growing seeds which very slowly grow into mushrooms.  Creatures seem to like them.

Download Goldencap Mushrooms


 Albian Carrot Vendor

(Agent - Vendor - Food)

 It vends Albian Carrots (from c1).

Author Unknown - I can't find it mentioned anywhere.. If you know who made this, please let me know.

Download the Albian Carrot Vendor















(Genetic Breed)
Author Unknown
 I think these used to be hosted with the 'Lost Breeds' at Mystic Falcon's world but that seems to be down at the moment.  (It might come back up.  It says 'temporary'.)  Anyhow, this seems to be a genetic breed - I don't have all the breeds installed, so they may wind up looking different in your game.  The blue color gets brighter with age.  Also, when I put these two into the game,  the male one slapped the female one non-stop until I removed them.  So, use with caution. 
(Ettin Slot R)
Author Unknown
I fished this breed out of a really old folder on my computer.  They used to be available on the Creatures France forum before it went down.  There's no readme and I don't remember who made them.  But I installed them and they didn't break anything so maybe they'll work for you, too. 
Sprites and body data included.  Enjoy.
(Ettin Slot O)
Author Unknown
 Second verse, same as the first. 
One of my favorite breeds of all time and it seems to have disapeared.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure where I got these originally.


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