The Route & Map

Corvallis to the Sea Trail

Our vision for the Corvallis-to-the-Sea (or C2C) trail is to connect Corvallis with the Oregon coast via a continuous non-motorized route to be enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. The trail route will be almost entirely on abandoned road corridors and existing low-traffic roads. About 5 miles of the approximately 60-mile route will require new trail construction.

Most of the route shown below is on lands and roads in public ownership. We have reached arrangements with all the private landowners along this route. This route was formally proposed to the Siuslaw National Forest in June, 2010. A potentially lengthy Environmental Assessment of the impact of the project is required before the Siuslaw National Forest can approve the route. However, the eastern half of the route over Siuslaw lands was approved by the Forest Service in 2015 and is now open for use. The western half of the route still requires environmental assessment and this may take several years.

A trail guide is available for the eastern half of the trail. Click the image below for a larger map image or click here for a PDF file of the trail guide brochure.