Current Trail Status

      TOP 10 THINGS TO KNOW (May 1, 2019)

1. Some trail segments will be closed from time to time for forest management activities inconsistent with recreation. (See Trail Conditions and Closures.)

2. The eastern 30 miles of the projected Corvallis-to-the-Sea (C2C) Trail was opened in 2016.

3. Maps are available on this web site and in some outdoor stores in the Corvallis area.

4. Most of the eastern half is on existing bike paths, roads of various types, and about 3 miles of trail.

5. A permit from Starker Forests in Corvallis is required to access a gated portion of Old Peak Road between Philomath and Marys Peak.

6. Where the route passes over Siuslaw National Forest lands it now does so under a 20-year special-use permit the Forest issued to the Corvallis-to-the-Sea (C2C) Partnership in 2018.

7. Although laid out in totality all the way to the coast, and with landowner agreements signed, the complete 60-mile route is not yet open to the public with some miles of new trail currently under construction. We anticipate opening the entire trail in 2020.

8. The western half of the trail will initially consist of a rugged “class 2” Forest Service hiking trail, but with some existing secondary roads available for bicycles to the coast.

9. Most portions of the proposed trail can be experienced by participating in the annual series of "Show-and-Tell" day-hikes conducted by the Partnership each spring.

10. Completing the trail depends upon interested trail users participating in outings to maintain the route and help build trail. This is a public route, but the public needs to support our small non-profit organization that is responsible for the continuing effort to bring it to completion and keep it viable. To volunteer, e-mail the Partnership at Money always helps, but a day of volunteering is almost priceless. If you are low on spare time but still want to help, please click the “Donate” link on the left and support the trail financially.

Volunteering provides fresh air, hiking, exercise, scenery, experience and knowledge about trails, the opportunity to meet great people, and a sense of pride in contributing to a grand project. We hope to see you on the trail!