Corvallis to the Sea Trail

Over 90 percent of the trail route is on currently open public lands, roads, streets, trails, sidewalks, and bike paths. Agreements are in place with landowners for the remainder of the route, but we cannot activate the agreements until the immediately adjacent portions of the route are officially approved by the Forest Service. For the eastern half of the route between Corvallis and Big Elk Campground west of Harlan, the area currently closed to the public is a 3-mile gated segment on Old Peak Road between Philomath and Marys Peak. Some portions of this road segment still require Forest Service approval and, once that approval is obtained, transit of this 3-mile gated road will require a permit from Starker Forests as per our negotiations with three of the landowners. Even with a permit, entry may be banned during late summer periods of heat and low humidity. We hope to obtain Forest Service approval for their lands on the Corvallis to Big Elk Campground eastern half of the trail early in 2015.

A similar landowner agreement is in place adjacent to Forest Service land near the western end of the trail, but Forest Service approval for the trail route there is probably farther out in time. There are currently no permit requirements needed to cross that private land once Forest Service approval is obtained.