Candidate Bicycle Routes

Potential Corvallis-to-the-Sea Bicycle Road Routes

With the C2C Trail route completed from Corvallis to Big Elk Campground west of Harlan, there are several routes on existing roads that could provide potential rides on to the coast. We’d be interested on feedback from the bicycle community about the pros and cons of the various routes, including views on the surfaces, safety, traffic, distances, difficulty, etc. Some of you have ridden one or more of these routes, we are certain. These are all on existing public roads, so there are no mountain-biking or hiking trails on these routes. All descriptions and mileages start from the intersection of Harlan Road and Grant Creek Road near Big Elk Campground. If you try any of these routes, you are on your own, as we make no assurances regarding their safety, difficulty, signage, or possible errors in our route descriptions.

[Adding on the existing route from Corvallis to Grant Creek Road (or nearby Big Elk Campground) adds about 30 miles as a complete Corvallis to the Sea route.]*

Route 1. Grant Creek Road to Ona Beach. 25 mi [55 mi]*

Route 2. Grant Creek Road to Waldport. 32 mi. [62 mi]*

Route 3. Grant Creek Road to Newport via 1000 Line. 34 mi. [64 mi]*

Route 4. Grant Creek Road to Newport via Harlan Road. 44 mi. [74 mi]*

For those not averse to biking highway 101, there are some interesting loops available among these routes (see map).

Camping locations (check for seasonal closures and reservation need) along the route include Big Elk Campground about a mile west of Grant Creek Road, Elk City Lincoln County Park, South Beach State Park south of Newport , KOA Campground across the Alsea River from Waldport, Beachside State Park 4 mi south of Waldport, and the future facilities at Brian Booth State Park at Ona Beach  (kayak tours  of Beaver Creek above Ona Beach are available thru Oregon State Parks). The three coast campgrounds have both tent sites and yurts. Bus transportation serves locations along highway 101 between Waldport and Newport (Lincoln County Transit Intercity Bus Schedule) and the Coast-to-Valley Express bus service links Newport with Corvallis and Albany. Both systems can carry bicycles on a first-come, first-served basis.

Road surface type: Paved is black, gravel is red.