Corvallis to the Sea Trail



Update June 12, 2021:
Noted on the "Trail Conditions and Closures" page:
The section of C2C Trail from Wolkau Road to N. Beaver Creek Road will be closed to thru hiking for road reconstruction and rocking beyond the Weyerhaeuser gate from July 1 through August 31, 2021. It may be opened sooner, but that depends upon how rapidly the work progresses. Detour: Proceed on Wolkau Road to N Beaver Creek Road to complete the hike to Ona Beach.

Update May 20, 2021:
A small update to the written hiking directions file.

Update May 5, 2021:
GPS files of the route available on "The Route and Map" page.

Update April 15, 2021:
A small update to the written hiking directions file.

Update March 23, 2021:
The "Bicycle Routes" page has been updated.

Update March 17, 2021:
"The Route and Map" page has been updated with three files - a map showing trailhead access along the entire trail, a written description of that access, and written hiking directions for the trail.

Update February 24, 2021:
An updated FAQ sheet is available (PDF) here to supplement the information on the "FAQs" page.
"The Route and Map" page has been updated with a file detailing access to the west half of the trail.

Update June 25, 2020:
The grand opening was cancelled as completion of the trail has been delayed by the virus. In addition, there was a delay caused by a last-minute permission allowing a re-route to improve the trail near the coast end.

Update June 2020:
The C2C Trail will officially open on June 6, 2020 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. More information will follow.


Imagine a trail, linking the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean. Envision traveling at the pace of the Native Americans, early settlers and naturalist explorers for an afternoon, a day, a weekend or a week, through the Oregon Coast Range, rich with history, geology, rural life and a haven for wildflowers, lush forests and wildlife.

Contemplate setting out from home and being able to travel on foot, horse or mountain bike and being able to end up at the Coast. Consider the possibility of a journey, under your own power, where you could learn about and visit local farms, wineries, cottage enterprises, historic sites, small towns, tree farms, salmon-spawning grounds and campgrounds along the way.

A journey such as this could become a reality with the Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail. The idea is to create a system of connecting trails, all with public access, about 50 miles as the crow flies. With few exceptions, this route will be available all year round and close to home. There are deep forests and open vistas; a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers; and an opportunity to learn about local history and timberland management.

The Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the Oregon Coast Range in a way you never could before.

Please see Restrictions before visiting the trail.

To volunteer, email the Partnership at