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Authority Issues
(Scripture, Tradition, Church, Papacy)

Thomas Howard 1 discusses the marks of the Church being One Holy Catholic Apostolic
Thomas Howard 2 open line
Lovelace Howard wife of Thomas
Alice von Hildebrand on her husband Dietrich

Steve Ray 1 on Peter and the Papacy, author of Crossing the Tiber and Upon This Rock
Steve Ray 2 open line
Steve Ray 3 open line
Norm Dahlgren on the Papacy
Fr. Steve Gideon on the See of Peter

David Palm on orthodox Christian teaching
Ken Craycraft on the canon of Scripture
Fr. Larry Heimsoth former Lutheran pastor, on the sufficiency of Scripture

Jim Anderson on the origin of the Bible
Jeff Cavins host of Life on the Rock
Bill and Lisanne Bales former Presbyterians, on sacrifices and the Biblical canon

Curtis Martin 1 founder of FOCUS, on Scripture and the Church
Curtis Martin 2 open line
Curtis and Michaelann Martin on the fullness of joy
Michaelann Martin open line

Mark Shea 1 on Sacred Tradition, author of By What Authority and Making Senses Out of Scripture
Mark Shea 2 open line
Mark Shea 3 open line
Mark Gordon on authentic Christian Tradition

Dave Reynolds on the Church Fathers

Patrick Madrid 1 open line with the editor of Envoy magazine
Patrick Madrid 2 open line
Patrick Madrid 3 open line
Carl Olson on the Incarnational Church

Mary Beth Kremski on Where is Truth
Jerry and Yolanda Cleffi former Assemblies of God ministers
Cathy Duffy on the Christian Worldview
Patty Bonds on seeing thru the right lenses

David Utsler on finding Apostolic Christianity
Mark Brumley on finding the true Church
Chris Dixon on Christian unity, former Methodist minister

Jay and Gail Caress on the Authority to Send
John Haas on Authority
John Haas 2
on Bioethics
Joseph Pearce on importance of written word

Thomas Smith 1 former Mormon
Thomas Smith 2 open line
Rod Bennett on the "Dark Ages"

John Crosby on John Henry Cardinal Newman
Dale Ahlquist on G.K. Chesterton
James and Sally Shelton on the importance of history
Fr. Charles Connor on classic converts

Francis Beckwith Christian philosopher, author of Defending Life, former president of Evangelical Theological Society

Dwight Longenecker former Anglican pastor, on the witness of history, author The Path to Rome
Fr. George Rutler
former Anglican
Dean Henderson former Anglican, on basic Christianity
James Likoudis former Orthodox, author of Ending the Byzantine Greek Schism

Salvation Issues
(Justification, Sacraments, Eschatology, Mariology)

Kristine Franklin 1 on salvation, a former Fundamentalist missionary to Guatamala
Kristine Franklin 2 open line
Marty Franklin What does it mean to believe?

Kristine Franklin and Rosalind Moss on Household of Faith

Johnnette Benkovic on the Holy Spirit
Alex Jones former Pentecostal pastor
Clare M.M. on "New Age" spirituality

Scott Hahn 1 on salvation, author with Kimberly of Rome Sweet Home
Scott Hahn 2 open line
Scott Hahn 3 open line

Kimberly Hahn 1 on contraception
Kimberly Hahn 2 open line
Brian Clowes of Human Life International

Marcus Grodi with Doug Keck
Mother Angelica on Journey Home
Mother Angelica 2 on 4th anniversary

James (Jimmy) Akin on Biblical worship and liturgy, Catholic Answers senior apologist
John Martignoni on Apologetics
Richard Bradford on zeal and charity

Steve Wood 1 on Marriage and family
Steve Wood 2 on prophecy and end times
Kristin McGuire on the Poor (Beggar at the Table)

Paul Thigpen on The "Rapture" Trap
Paul Thigpen 2 open line
Paul Thigpen 3
on the Devil

David Currie former Fundamentalist, author Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic and Rapture
David Currie 2
open line
Fr. Patrick Rohen on Dispensationalist Theology
Beverly Whelton former Seventh-day Adventist

Bob Sungenis 1 on Justification, author of Not By Faith Alone...Scripture Alone...Bread Alone
Bob Sungenis 2 open line
Fr. Mitch Pacwa open line

Bruce Sullivan 1 on myths about Catholics, former Church of Christ minister
Bruce Sullivan 2 open line
Jeff Childers the Church in the OT, former Church of Christ minister

Ken Howell 1 on the Holy Eucharist, former Presbyterian theologian
Ken Howell 2 on redemptive suffering
Ken Howell 3 open line
Charles Spivak on Eucharist and science
Charles Spivak 2 open line

Kevin Lowry on the Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation
Doug Lowry father of Kevin, on Christian unity, former Presbyterian "canon lawyer"
Ken Hensley
on the Sacrament of Baptism

Mark Miravalle on Mariology
Tim Staples 1
on the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Tim Staples 2 open line
Fr. Terrence Staples brother of Tim

Doug Trout on the Communion of Saints
Chris Collins on Mary's "Yes"
Chris Williams
on Queen of Peace
Manuel Perez on the Blessed Mother


 Catholic Answers Live Radio MP3

Authority Issues
(Scripture, Tradition, Church, Papacy)

Thomas Howard Evangelical is Not Enough

Bob Sungenis Sola Scriptura
Patrick Madrid Where's that in the Bible?

Scott Hahn Part 1 Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium
Part 2 
Part 3
Scott Hahn Church as Kingdom

Marcellino D'Ambrosio Why the Church?
Mark Brumley One True Church?
Kenneth Whitehead One Holy Catholic Apostolic

Steve Ray Bible for Beginners
Mark Shea Making Senses of Scripture
James Akin Old Testament Canon
Fr. Mitch Pacwa Dead Sea Scrolls

Patrick Madrid Pope Fiction
Patrick Madrid Bad Popes

Steve Ray Primacy of Peter
Steve Ray Primacy of Rome
David Palm Papal Infallibility
William Marshner Church Councils

George Weigel JPII Portrait of Greatness

Fr. Ray Ryland Rome and the Eastern Orthodox
James Likoudis Eastern Orthodox Church(es)

Mark Brumley Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics
Mark Brumley Seven Effective Habits
Victor Claveau Apologetics

Steve Ray Kids Defending the Faith
Matt Pinto Youth Apologetics

Nicanor Austriaco Faith and Science
Francis George Faith and Reason

Mark Brumley Good books
Mark Brumley Why be Catholic?
Mark Brumley Tough Questions

Jeff Cavins My Journey Home
Mark Shea Discovers the Catholic Faith
Ken Hensley former Baptist
John Johnson former Baptist

Three Stories of Conversion
Alex Jones Mass Conversion
Patrick Madrid Search and Rescue
Charles Limandri St. Thomas More

Jesse Romero Catholic Cops
Jesse Romero WWJD

James Hitchcock Revisionist Church history
Paul Vota Spanish Inquisition
Victor Claveau Protestant Reformation or Revolution?

Sr. M.M. Pius XII and the Nazis
Ronald Rychlak Hitler, War, and the Pope

James Akin/Jason Evert/Rosalind Moss Exposing McCarthy's Anti-Catholic Video Part 2

Bob/Gretchen Passantino Atheism

Thomas Smith Mormonism
Jason Evert Jehovah's Witnesses
Jason Evert Watchtower Watchdog
Jason Evert Answering JWs

Tough Questions Series

Steve Ray Tough Questions 1
Steve Ray Tough Questions 2
Steve Ray Tough Questions 3
Steve Ray Tough Questions 4
Steve Ray Tough Questions 5
Steve Ray Q&A 1
Steve Ray Q&A 2

James Akin Tough Questions 1
James Akin Tough Questions 2
James Akin Tough Questions 3

Karl Keating Tough Questions

Curtis Martin Tough Questions 1
Curtis Martin Tough Questions 2

Tim Staples Tough Questions 1
Tim Staples Tough Questions 2

Fr. Mitch Pacwa Tough Questions 1
Fr. Mitch Pacwa Tough Questions 2

Salvation Issues
(Justification, Sacraments, Eschatology, Mariology)

Bob Sungenis Salvation: Faith, Works, or Both?
Rosalind Moss Salvation by Faith that Works
Curtis Martin Working Out Your Salvation
Marcus Grodi Eternal Security

Steve Ray Baptism and Eucharist
Jim Burnham Eucharist

Marcellino D'Ambrosio Confession
Fr. Thomas Dubay Penance

Scott Hahn Part 1 Mass and Book of Revelation Part 2
Scott Hahn Once-For-All Sacrifice
Thomas Howard Mass

Don Timone Priesthood
Fr. John Melnick Tridentine Mass FSSP
Fr. Joseph Fessio Liturgy
Marcellino D'Ambrosio Vatican II

Justin Rigali Vatican II and beyond
Fr. Ray Ryland Church and Salvation

Fr. Ray Ryland Holy Matrimony

Tim Staples Trinity
Marcellino D'Ambrosio Who is Jesus Christ?
Rosalind Moss Holy Spirit

Fr. John Corapi Meaning of the Cross
Fr. Mitch Pacwa Arrest and Trial of Jesus
Mark Brumley He is Risen!

Jesse Romero Jesus and Mary

Jason Evert Marian Devotion
Jason Evert Marian Q&A 1
Jason Evert Marian Q&A 2

Jim Burnham Mary
Ken Howell Mary of Nazareth
Steve Wood Protestants and Mary

Scott Hahn Hail Holy Queen
Scott Hahn Salve Regina
Mark Miravalle Assumption of Mary

Peter Kreeft Heaven
Gerald Sperrazzo Saints
Patricia Treece Saints
Bert Ghezzi Day by day with the Saints
Marcellino D'Ambrosio Praying to the Saints

Regis Martin Death/Judgment/Heaven/Hell
Mark Brumley Does Hell Exist?

Rosalind Moss Purgatory and Communion of Saints
James Buckley Purgatory
Jason Evert/Susan Tassone Poor Souls

James Akin Eschatology
David Currie Rapture and End Times 1
David Currie Rapture and End Times 2
Carl Olson Left Behind?

Donna Steichen Radical Feminism
Johnnette Benkovic Christian Feminism
Johnnette Benkovic Interior Life
Rosalind Moss God's Design for Women
Dan O'Leary Motherhood and Feminism

Jason Evert Chastity
Jason Evert Pornography

Ray Guarendi Teen Spirituality
Johnnette Benkovic Real vs. Counterfeit Spirituality

Michael Medved Preserving Innocence
Jim Burnham Moral Questions

Judie Brown Pro-Life Politics
Janet Smith Contraception
Fr. Frank Pavone Pro-Life Movement
Fr. Frank Pavone Life is Precious

Mary Jo Anderson UN Plot Against Life
John Klink UN Death Culture
Austin Ruse Holy See at the UN

Fr. Mitch Pacwa Astrology etc
Fr. Mitch Pacwa Occult
Fr. James Lebar Occult
Fr. James Lebar Exorcism

Scott Hahn Reclaiming the Future