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ApplicationPriceBrief DescriptionRecommended by
24/7 French Tutor Free Written and spoken phrases in French. Quizzes. Practices. Erin F. 
24/7German Tutor Free Lite Version Students can practice German from Study Lists in Multiple Choice, Puzzle, Write In, or Flash Card format Pam  
5-0 Radio Free Listen in on police, fire, etc... in any county in the US and some places in the world. Jason McLaughlin 
AAA Trip Tik Mobile Free Provides the latest gas prices, maps, directions and AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotel details and bookings.  Amy Keller 
ABC Tracer Free Great way to have young children practice writing letters, numbers and words. Free version is limited, can buy full version. Dana 
Adobe Connect Pro Free Join an Adobe Connect Pro meeting from your iPod touch Stacy Behmer 
Air Mouse Free Lite Version Use Touch to control computer over the wirless network Chris Martin 
All Countries Free Lite Version Provides basic geographic and demongraphic information about all the countries in the world. Erin Watts 
AllRecipes Free App for the website allrecipes.com Jenni Olson 
Angry Birds $0.99 Use birds to kill all the pigs that stole your eggs! Amanda V 
AnimalChatter Free Lite Version Real animal photos and sounds - some too realistic - IMHO! This app is Free and I can't get it to show this!! Jenni Olson 
Animated Knots $3-$5 Brief videos of how to tie multiple types of knots. Jessica Wrage 
AppBox Pro $0.99 A bunch of utilities including a level, flashlight, web games, ruler, tip calc., translator, currency trans., holidays, etc... Nannette 
AppBox Pro $0.99 lots of useful apps in one place Jackie Wellborn 
AppMiner Free Finds apps that are free, low priced, or on sale Amanda Atkinson 
Art.com Free Lite Version Choose from more than 500,000 pieces and select a framing option, then upload a photo of your space to virtually hang a potential purchase.  Amy Keller 
ASL! Free Lite Version Video tutorials of American Sign Language. Letters, numbers and colors. Very basic but a good place to start. Kent 
Audible Free listen to audiobooks Lisa O'Rourke 
Audioboo Free Create web-based audio files. Create an account at audioboo.fm and get the app for the iPod. Kay Rewerts 
Audiopal.com Free Lite Version Record audio with cell phone to use on web pages. Kurtis Broeg 
AUTOPARK $3-$5 Curb where's-my-car confusion. Mark your spot on this app's map, then find your way back with its GPS. Amy Keller 
BargainBin Free Watches for bargins for ipod applications. You can set a price for a certain app and you can receive a notication when it hits that price. Chris Martin 
Behavior Tracker Pro $11 and up great data collection-expensive Trista Clark 
Betty Crocker Cookbook Free search recipes and browse by ingredient! Melissa Pickering 
Bible Free Lite Version Provides 16 different english versions of the Bible as well as 20 other languages. Also included are 23 different reading plans to track your reading. Tony S. 
BingMusic Free Lite Version Top 100s by Year (music) Sheryl 
Brain Challenge Lite Free Lite Version Challenge your brain Jackie Wellborn 
BrainPOP Featured Movie Free Lite Version A new movie every day Karla 
Breadcrumb Trail $1-$2 When you come across something you want to remember (like an epic slice of coconut cake from a new bakery), just drop a "crumb" on the map for future reference, along with pertinent photos and notes. Amy Keller 
BubbleFree Free If you like popping bubble wrap this is for you. Dana 
Build a Story Free Choose a setting, characters and write your own story! Jenni Olson 
Bump Free Share your contact information. Jason McLaughlin 
Carcassonne $6-$10 An app version of the board game. Capability of online & individual play. It is a time sukcer! John Pauly 
Cat Physics Free Loosely educational - Use your knowledge of physics to pass a ball between two cats, the level of difficulty increases as you level up, levers, directional arrows, and landscaping become obstacles! Jenni Olson 
Cheap Gas Free Great for finding cheap gas prices when traveling. Deanna Weber 
Chicktionary Lite Free game of making up words with the letters given Liz Medina 
Clear Record Free Lite Version Easy audio recording Laura 
Clockmaster Free Lite Version Practice telling time. Can change difficulty. Andrew Fenstermaker 
Clock Master Free Lite Version Works on telling time Joslin H 
Cloud Math $0.99  Jackie Wellborn 
Cogs $1-$2 Gears and pipes need to align to complete tasks. Marty 
CoinDozer NY (other versions available) Free The coin pusher carnival game! Drop coins on the platform to push coins off ledge. Make the coins drop to earn coins, prizes, and unlock prizes Melissa Pickering 
Color Free Lite Version Edit pictures turning black and white while keeping parts you want in color. FYI, paid version is $1.99 Amanda Atkinson 
ColorSnap Free Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors Christina B 
Color Splash $1-$2 Convert pictures to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color Sara Feldmann 
conjuguemos.com $11 and up Spanish vocabulary, verb, quiz, practice website/$40 per year per school Wayne Swanson 
Convert Units Free Converts angles, area, data, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temp, time, and volume. Amy G 
coupons Free Lite Version Daily coupons from hundreds of places. Just search whatever store you want, show your ipod, iphone, etc., and save! Kara 
Craigslist Free Craigslist is a way for people to post items they want to sell or search for items they want to purchase.  Katie Merulla 
Cut The Rope Free Lite Version There is also a paid version. Slide your finger to cut the rope to feed your animal. Gets progressively harder and harder! Bobbie  
Deutscher Radio Rekorder Free Lite Version Stationen, Favoriten, Aufnahmen, News, Mehr Pam 
DexKnows Free Links user to a website phone and address directory Mark 
Dictionary.com Free Need a dictionary! Here you go! Stacy Behmer 
Dinner Spinner Free The app highlights popular recipes from allrecipes.com. You can search by dish, ingredients, length of time to prepare. You can search or do a random spin to find a recipe. Kelly Ickes 
Doodle Buddy Free draws pictures, use stamps, shake to erase Kristin Hale 
Dragon Dictation Free Can dictate up to 30 seconds-will send text via email or can copy for another application Jackie Wellborn 
Engimo $1-$2 Move liquid content from one container to another.  Marty 
Epicurios Free Lite Version Search recipes and get shopping list Sheryl 
Evernote Free Evernote lets your notes "live" in the cloud, so you can access them on multiple platforms. Stacy Behmer 
Feed Me! in German and other languages Free Lite Version Very simple game, but great for supplimenting very beginning vocab. with other related vocab.  Pam 
Fish Farm Free Lite Version Try to keep your fish alive --  Joslin H. 
Flashcards+ Free Lite Version Vocabulary practice application: can connect to Quizlet.com, search existing list of words, download selected lists, practice words in flashcard format. Can also create your own set of words right on ipod Erin H 
Flashlight Free Lite Version It's a very bright flashlight.  Julie Larson 
Flash to Pass Free Lite Version A program to designed to facilitate mastering the basic mathe facts. There are six levels of difficulty per mathematical operation.  
Flixster Free movie info, release dates, theater info, ratings, descriptions, trailers, etc Melissa Pickering 
fotobabble Free Lite Version quick easy way to photograph and add audio- download and use. dom g. 
Freddy Fractions $0.99  Jackie Wellborn 
FreeGrammar Free Lite Version This version tells about different parts of grammar and gives a quiz on each.  Nicole Redington 
Free Memory lite $0.99 frees up unused memory - shows more accurate battery charge Meg 
Free Spanish Tutor Free This was a useful free app for me when we got a Spanish speaking student last year with 6 weeks of school left. Tim Lambert 
Froggy Jump Free Great game. Try to get the frog as high as you can. Similar to Papi Jump but with more "stuff" to catch and things Amanda Atkinson 
Genesis Lite Free puzzle game where you need to redirect light rays to create life Liz Medina 
Giraffe's Matching Zoo Free Memeory game for preschoolers and up. Cards show pictures and have a sound. Mary G 
Google Calendar Free Access to your google calendar account information. Jason McLaughlin 
Google Earth Free High-resolution imagery of the world. Melva  
Google Mobile Free This application gives you shortcuts to some Google tools. Stacy Behmer 
Grammar Jammers Primary Edition Free Lite Version Catchy animated songs and rhymes. Karla 
Gratitute Journal $0.99 A journal to add daily gratitute - you can also add a new picture each day. Meg 
Greek Mythology Free Lite Version Can look up different Greek gods for "bios" Sara Feldmann 
Grocery IQ Free Organizes grocery list Erin W. 
Handy Level Free Just like it sounds, a level on your iPod for all your home improvement projects! Jessica Wrage 
Hey Tell Free Sends instant voice message to others with app Peggy Murphy  
Hoops & Yoyo Fun@work Free Hoops&YoYo characters - Lingo Bingo - teacher bingo for meetings Kristin Hale 
Houston Zoo Free Brief descriptions of animals for use in the classroom which do not require a network connections. There are You Tube videos of many of the animals and other things available with a network connection Kelly Ickes 
How to videos Free how to do anything Jackie Wellborn 
http://news2you.n2y.com/feed1.xml Free Lite Version   
iAssociate 2 Free Word association game creating word web (i.e. summer-hot-cold-ice-ice cream) Melissa Pickering 
iBook Free Shelves for ebooks Christine Berlin 
iFormulas Free Math formulas organized by subject: Algebra, Geometry, Trig., Calc, Physics, Electronics. It beats flipping through the book! Kelly Ickes 
iHandy Level Free Turns your iTouch into an actual level. Mark 
Instapaper Free Save web pages for later offline viewing Jackie Wellborn 
IQuote 2.0 Free Quote of the Day, divided into categories - lots to choose from. Dana 
iResponse- Classroom Responder System $0.99 A classroom responder system for PC and Mac. Stacy Behmer 
iSign Free Lite Version Allow you to look up how to sign words and phrases and video to show you how to sign Amanda C 
iTalk Recorder Free Record your voice, need to download iTalk Sync to your computer Kay Rewerts 
iTreadmill $1-$2 This is a terrific pedometer app. It will pause automatically. It records your history over time and will graph your results. I use it every day.  
iWriteWords Lite Free Lite Version Letter, number, and word practice Samantha Davis 
I Write Words - Tracing Game $1-$2 allows students to write (trace) letters. they must form the letters the correct way. there is a free lite version. devin 
Jumbline 2 Free Lite Version Anagram Word Puzzle Karla 
Labyrinth Lite Free Balance game. Keep the ball from falling into a hole. Deanne 
Library of Congress Virtual Tour Free Take a virtual tour of the Library of Congress! Jessica Wrage 
Life IQ Free Real life trivia: food, money, home, tech, health, and random Deanne 
LinguPingu - German, but also in other languages Free Lite Version Cute very beginning vocab. for beginning levels Pam 
Logic Box Free Puzzle games for all abilities Julie Gesell 
Lynda.com Free Go online and get tutorials for using various computer applications Stacy Behmer 
Mad Math Lite Free Lite Version basically a flashcard program, where each of your students can work of a variety of problems of your choice and save their progress under their own name. Laurel Davis 
Magic Piano Free Lite Version play keyboard, play along with songs, change keyboard layout, fun for all ages! Melissa Pickering 
Mahjong Chemistry Free Uses Mahjong games to teach chemistry - elemental symbols, solubility, metric prefixes and more! Eric Upmeyer 
Math drill lite Free Lite Version Great app. for students who need review with math facts. Deanna Weber 
Math Dr. Lite Free Lite Version Practice addition, subtraction, division and multiplication facts.  Andrew Fenstermaker 
Math Equation Solver Free Solves equations with varying degrees and systems Erin W. 
Math Magic $0.99  Jackie Wellborn 
Merriam Webster Free Lite Version a searchable dictionary with pronounciation Leah Hromatka 
Metronome Free A virtual metronome, it only has 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time though. Kelly Ickes 
Moms With Apps Free Panel of moms/educators recommeds education appropriate apps and offers free apps every Friday!  Jenni Olson/Sarah Hetrick 
Motion X-Dice Free Lite Version A dice rolling app. John Pauly 
Moxie Free Lite Version A word game Sue Kraus 
My Fitness Pal Free Track your daily calories, nutrition, and fitness Matt Weis 
Names in a Hat $0.99 Use for picking names, can organize by teams too. Roanne Willey 
Netflix Free Lite Version Allows you to manage your queue and watch instant ones--requires Netflix subscription Scott Smith 
on this day Free a calendar that lets you view historical events, birth and death dates. Mo 
On this day Free Gives you information on historical events that happened on that day, along with births and deaths. Dana 
On this Day Free gives events in history that happened on this day Kristin Hale 
Oregon Trail $3-$5 Remember the old Oregon Trail game? Jackie Wellborn 
Overdrive Free Lite Version With a library card from either the Iowa City Public Library or Coralville Public Library, one can download audiobooks and/or ebooks. Denise R. 
Overdrive Free Lite Version Allows you to download books from the CR library Vicki Freiburger 
Pac Man Lite Free Just like the arcade game. Fun! Deanne 
Pandora Radio Free Listen to Pandora Radio Stacy Behmer 
Paperless  Free Lite Version Creating work systems for austistic students Peggy Murphy  
Passometer Free Lite Version A pedometer that will keep track of steps, distance, and calories burned.  Nicole Redington 
PBS Free Lite Version You can watch programs from PBS with this app. Sue Kraus 
Periodic Table Free You can tap one of the elements and it gives you everything you need to know! (More than everything you need to know if you don't teach the stuff!) Science teachers will love it! Kelly Ickes 
Periodic Table of Elements Free Full Table + Information on each element.  Marty 
Plane Finder Free Lite Version Interesting to monitor the comings and goings of the highway in the sky. Especially if you live directly below the flight path to the runway! Kent 
Planets Free Lite Version several views: 2D and 3D views of planets; Earth's rotation showing day and night Angie 
Planets Free Visually depicts the position of visible planets and stars relative to your current GPS coordinates. Mark 
Pocket Frogs Free Lite Version Collect frogs, awards, level up, breed your pretty frogs to get rare species, very addictive!! This app is free and I can't choose Free as an option above! Jenni Olson 
Pocket Informant $11 and up $12.99 is a LOT to spend on an app, but it's been worth it. It is a calendar and tasks that show up together. Calendar syncs with Google Calendars Amanda Atkinson 
Pocket Phonics ABC Lite Free Lite Version DeNealan letter practice and word games Samantha Davis 
Pocket Zoo Free You can click on animals in the zoo and it gives you a youtube video or live camera to see the animal. Greg Jergens 
Public Radio App Free Free app that gets all public radio broadcasts nationwide over wifi. Alex Vasquez 
Puppetpals Free Create and record stories using puppets Fillner 
Read It Later Free Lite Version Allows you to "save" websites to read later. Keeps things as a list - things you have read - things you have yet to read. Meg 
Read ME stories $1-$2 Reads stories to the kids... Adds a new book each day Joslin H. 
Real Simple Free Real-Simple To-Do Lists will help you organize and delegate like never before! Amy Keller 
Red Laser Free Lite Version Scan barcodes on any product (If it is a food product the app will you the nutritional information). App will tell you where to buy the product in your area and how much it costs. Erin Watts 
Ringtone Maker Free Use iPod songs to create ringtones Mary 
Rocket Math Free Free Lite Version Build a Rocket and play a math mission Tammy Burns 
Ruler Deluxe $0.99 Turns your ipod into a measuring device. Meg 
Runner's World Smart Coach Free This app will customize a training plan for any running distance. Jessica Wrage 
runtastic GPS fitness coach Free Lite Version This is a tool that will track your running workout for various data.  tim 
Schlagerhölle Free Lite Version possibility for German Radio Pam 
Scramble 2 Free Word search game that challenges you to find as many words as possible in a set time frame.  Nicole Redington 
Scramble CE Free Lite Version similar to BOGGLE word game Vicki Freiburger 
Serving Sizer Free convert serving sizes in recipes Sara Feldmann 
Shakespeare Free Lite Version All of Shakespeare's works are on this app. It has a glossary and quotes section, portraits, and facts about the plays, Shakespeare, and the poems. Nicole Redington 
Shazam Free recognizes music and gives you information Meg 
Shazam Free Identify artists of songs Rodger Walsh 
Shutterfly Free Lets you look at the pictures, albums and projects you have on your shuttefly account . Jodi Stahl 
Site Words Free site words by grade Mary 
Skype Free IM with Skype from your iPod Touch Stacy Behmer 
SoundHound Free Lite Version Can you name that tune? Now you can with SoundHound, a free song-tagging app that identifies a song in just five seconds, based on melody or lyrics. And, yes, humming can also be recognized. Amy Keller 
Spark People Free Fitness and Food Tracker Julie Gesell 
Spark People Free Diet and Food Tracker Julie Gesell 
Stack the Countries $1-$2 Play games and learn information about all the countries of the world. Kelly Fischer 
Stack the States Free Lite Version Trivia about U.S. states and capitals.  Beth 
Stack the States $0.99 Learn about the 50 states. Free lite version also available Karla 
Stack the States $0.99 Play games and learn information about the states. Kelly Fischer 
Star Walk $3-$5 Personal Planetarium Jackie Wellborn 
Story Patch Free Write your own stories, use the app's backgrounds and characters. Jenni Olson 
Teacher's Pick $0.99 Teachers enter their class list and Teacher's pick randomizes who you call on.  Christa D. 
Teacher's Pick $0.99 Randomly pick students with popsicle sticks. Josie Hester 
TEACH ME 1st grade $0.99 Works on addition, subtraction, spelling and sight words Joslin H. 
TEACH ME Kindergarten $0.99 Works on addition, subtraction, spelling, and sight words Joslin H. 
TEACH ME Toddler $0.99 Works on shapes, letters, numbers, color, ABC Phonics, counting Joslin H. 
Text Free with voice Free Allows you to make phone calls via app without a charge. Deanna Weber 
textPlus Free This app allows you to text any phone number by using a wireless connection. It was very useful when I didn't have my phone in a foreign country! Lauren Cannon 
Text to Tape $1-$2 This App can be found on the App Store for Macbooks. The App convert any form of text to an audio file that can be played on itunes. Voice actually sounds like a human. Kurtis Broeg 
Text Twist $1-$2 Word Play--Unscramble; Very addictive, but good for your brain! Jodi Stahl 
The Weather Channel Free Weather info - 10 day forcast Meg 
This American Life Free Gives you access to radio shows and the tv show (you have to pay for the tv shows) Meg 
Timed: Lite Reading Free Lite Version This is for reading levels K-4. You can enter in each student and place them with a grade level. They will work on fluency and their score will be kept under their name. Tiffany K 
Tiny Ocean $3-$5 Great for preschool as it allows you to record voices to describe simple objects and the objects move. My 2 yr old loves it. Greg Jergens 
Today in History Free Lite Version Tells events that happened on a specific date in previous years (the default will be today's date but you can change it to any date you want) Erin Watts 
Toobz-Free Free Game connecting tubes for water to flow, must think through systems. Fun! Jason McLaughlin 
Toontastic Free Create and share stories online using puppets Fillner 
Top 100's by Year Free The top 100 songs by year from 1947 to 2010 Sarah Nemmers 
Tour Wrist Free Free virtual tours-augmented reality Fillner 
Trade Nation Free City buildling sim with economic emphasis. Tony Shade 
Twitterific Free Twitter feed Jason McLaughlin 
type n talk Free reads what is typed on screen Liz Medina 
UNESCO City of Literature Iowa City Iowa Free Interactive information on authors in the University of Iowa's Writers Program - maps, news articles and writing university Eric Upmeyer 
USA Today Free USAToday set up specifically for the iPod. Kay Rewerts 
Video Stream Free Lite Version Video stream video from any computer over a wireless network to your ipod touch or iphone. Chris Martin 
What to Expect Free A "What to Expect" guide to the process of pregnancy. Complete with count downs and baby updates week by week. John Pauly 
Whirly Word Free Lite Version Fun Word Game Shishonee 
White Noise Lite Free Need some white noise? John Pauly 
Who's Next $1-$2 Another way to call on students and to place students into groups...buy it when it's on sale. Lori Moss 
Words with Friends Free Play scrabble with your friends! You post a word and then they post a word. You can play immediately after the other person or wait up to three days. You do need an Internet connection to play. Katie Merulla 
Word Warp Free Lite Version Like Whirly Word? Try it with the pressure of being timed! Highly addictive! Shishonee 
WTFact Free stands for "what's the fact" - lists random facts - i.e. animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons Kristin Hale 
Yellow Pages Free Lite Version Change your location and check the yellow pages when you travel. Debra Dorzweiler 
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