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Per 1 Geometry Honors/IB, Per 2 Geometry Honors/IB   Per 3 Algebra I

Per 4 AP Computer SciencePer 5 Planning, Per 6  Geometry Honors/IB.

For school calendars and upcoming events, check the Gulf High School web site  

which is updated frequently by Mr. Miller.

You can reach me via email anytime.


Everybody needs an eSembler account.  Parents, it would advantageous to all parties involved if you would also create an eSembler account. You can see you child's grades, attendance, missing assignments, and everything else that an interested parent would like to keep up on.

As you can tell, we are going to be utilizing technology, and I would love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve communication and your ability to learn.

The textbooks have a lot of information on-line.  Go to My Pearson Training and go through the tutorials.  Everybody in Geometry and Algebra will get an account for their On-Line bookPearson (publisher) has changed the log on methodology in the past, but we should know what it is by hte first week of school.

AP Computer Science will be given an On-Line book, as your textbooks will not leave the classroom.

For the math classes, homework is collected and graded on a regular basis, and is 25% of your grade.  There will be homework almost every night.  Math is all about practice, and homework is your chance to practice.  Do it diligently, and you will find that math will become easy.

Do NOT skip problems.  I take off two points for each problem skipped.

Tests and quizzes are 60% of your grade, and classwork is 15% of your grade.

Late work:  Late work will only be accepted with an excused admit for the absent day. Due to receiving an abundance of late work in previous years, I will no longer be grading it. You will grade all your own late home work within the allotted time period unless other arrangements are made.  This can be done before school, after school, or during  'A' lunch.  I will give you the answer key.  Randomly, I will check it for honest grading, even though I know that most of you will grade your own work to the best of your ability.

If you choose not to grade your work by the specified time (two days for every day absent), it will remain a zero.

Hopefully, this cuts down on the late work, and you, collectively as students, will be in class more often.

Remember that being absent is not the same as being tardy.  Read your planner to distinguish the difference.

If you need help, you might find the Khan Academy a useful site, as it offers videos from a large range of topics.

Algebra 1 Students should also be using Algebra Nation.  You can use your Facebook account to access it ,but you can also access it through your GHS ID.  It is also loaded with Videos.

Academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism...) is a serious offense and will be dealt with in a serious manner.  Consequences include a zero on the assignment, and/or a referral.  This offense might have you removed from the IB program.

All papers will be headed with your name in the top right line.  Below that, is the period and the assignment (including the page).  Textbooks will be issued by the 2nd week of class.  All classes will have an electronic textbook, but some courses might also have a physical text book.

Come to class daily, and come to class on time.  Being tardy will be dealt with as outlined in the GHS discipline plan, after the late book is signed.

Read your planner if there are any questions.

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This is your future.  You have the ability to shape it to any form that you desire.  I am just a tool to help you help yourself.  Take advantage of your resources, and remember that a little bit of hard work now can make things a lot easier for you later.