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Putting It All Together

Sometimes you stumble onto a picture just waiting to be taken: a stunning sunset, a basket full of puppies, a mother and her newborn child.

For the rest of time, and especially if you are conjuring your picture from scratch, here are few things to consider.

The Six P's


Briefly describe what you are trying to accomplish with the picture, and why. If there are specific requirements (lighting, style, required components...) then list them as well.


Many pictures tell a story. If so, then describe it briefly here.


Indoors? Outdoors? In the Kitchen? On a Hill? Where will the picture be taken? If this is a studio shot, then where should it look like it was taken? A castle? A meadow? ...


Looking down? up? over the shoulder? Should it be happy? sad? sleepy? Describe the desired pose(s) here.


Is the model in a chair? near a tree? on a rock? wearing a hat? Imagine the final picture, then list all the required elements you see in your mental image.


Any special post-processing plans? Black-and-White? Sepia? Texture? Vignetting? Blur? List them here.