BYU Physical and Occupational Therapy Club

Preparing service minded students for physical and occupational therapy

The BYU Physical and Occupational Therapy Club is a resource for students seeking to enjoy fulfilling careers as clinicians who strive to restore a high quality of living to individuals by helping them through the healing process.

As a resource, the club seeks to prepare students working toward this career goal. To do so we:
  • Reach out to service oriented individuals to educate them on the roles and responsibilities of physical and occupational therapists
  • Provide specific information about graduate schools, even inviting schools to visit and share information with club members
  • Seek out opportunities for club members to work and volunteer in various physical and occupational therapy settings
  • Keep members "in the know" regarding current issues in the worlds of physical and occupational therapy
  • Strive to find service opportunities in the local, national, and global communities
  • Assist students in understanding the graduate school application process
By doing these things, we hope to help students be competitive applicants for the graduate schools to which they apply and be successful clinicians who maintain their attitude of service.