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Bloomberg (Sep. 16 2017): Growth Isn't Good News for Kim Jong Un

Bloomberg (Sep. 20 2017): North Korea's Unlikely Economic Boom

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (6 Jan. 2018), Märkte sind zweischneidig für Diktator Kim

RFI (Sep. 10 2017): Despite nuclear tests, North Korea makes capitalist-style reforms

Evening Standard (Sep. 11 2017): More Sanctions are the Best Way to Deal with North Korea

BBC (June 18 2018): Imagining an Open North Korea

BBC(April 10 2018) (in Korean): 북핵 문제 유일한 해법은 경제적 패키지다

ABC News (13 June 2018): North Korea must open up to improve economy and living standards, but China also stands to gain

The Globe and Mail (10 June 2018): In North Korea’s bid to strengthen new market economy, Kim Jong-un may have to make nuclear concessions

UPI (April 13 2018): Analyst: Sanctions pressure on North Korea is working

Pauta (10 June 2018): Es irreversible que Corea del Norte avance hacia una economía de mercado

Nikkei Asia Review (19 Oct 2018), US and S Korean experts clash over sanctions policy on Pyongyang

Nikkei Sihnbun (25 Oct 2018), 「北朝鮮、今年GDP5%以上減」 ソウル大教授 金炳椽氏

New York Times Magazine (Feb 24 2019), Shopping in Pyongyang and Other Adventures in North Korean Capitalism 

조선일보 (May 24 2018): 북 사회주의 이미 IVID로 해체 중

조선일보 (May 10 2019): 북 전역에 제재효과 퍼지기 시작 ... 시장 충격 커지면 김정은 협상 나올 것

매일경제 (May 15 2018): 다국적 국제자본으로 북한 인프라 개발해야

VOA (Dec. 1 2017): 대북제재는 3보 전진을 위한 일보 후퇴

주간조선(Jan 15. 2018) (in Korean): 북한 경제 전문가 김병연 서울대 교수

Joongang Sunday (Sep. 17 2017) (in Korean): 김정은 성장 딜레마에, 경제제재 장기전 끌고 가야 승산

중앙선데이 (May 5 2018)

신동아(Jan. 2016) (in Korean)

문화일보(April 8 2016) (in Korean)

사시저널 (June 25 2018)

뉴스엔조이(May 15 2018)

Korea Herald (Jan. 12 2018)