R&D Projects


FLUID WAR is a physically based fluid simulation game like "Sprinkle", "Where's My Water, Perry, Mickey" and "Anodia".

FluX - World First Fully Scalable Fluid Simulator

FluX is the abbreviation of "Fluid for FX". It is a fast node-based 3D fluid simulation software which can control huge size of data by distributing workloads over networked computers. FluX's large-scale controllability makes it possible to produce extremely detailed and sophisticated fluid simulation looking like the real-world phenomena.

3D Avatar

3D Avatar is a technology which can make an unique my-face-avatar with only one photograph.

LiDAR Processing Tool

I developed LiDAR Processing Tool to deal with LiDAR Data. It can calculate Sky View Factor with selected classification, and also has several visualization options.

Micro Scale Air Quality Visualization

We proposed synchronized micro scale air quality 3D visualization spreadsheets and integrating visualized CFD model variables with GIS 3D city model. Visualized wind flows and polluted atmospheric concentrations gives better visual information than conventional AQ visualizations when those are integrated with 3D city model with image textures. Above all, spreadsheets synchronization based on GIS and AQ model helps us to setup for navigation and concurrently detect the differences from the micro scale air quality visualizations with different scenarios.

Excel To KML

I developed this program to convert Excel file to KML.

MPI Preset Generator

I developed this program to generate MPI Preset.