Recent Working Papers

"The Economics of the Right-to-be Forgotten" (with Jin-Yeub Kim), First version: 12/2014; Latest 02/2016 
(Revision invited from Journal of Law and Economics) 

"Two-Sided Platform Competition with Multihoming Agents: An Empirical Study on the Daily Deals Market" (with Hyunwoo ParkJeongsik Lee), First version: 05/2012; Latest 11/2015  (Revised and Resubmitted to Information Economics and Policy) 

"Net Neutrality, Network Capacity, and Innovation at the Edges" (with  Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon), First version: 07/2013; Latest  11/2015.
(2nd round under revision at Journal of Industrial Economics)

(2nd round under revision to Resource and Energy Economics) 


Research Policy  44: 1145-1159 (2015).

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics  7(3): 104-141  (2015). 

European Economic Review 70:350-370 (2014).

Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 29(5): 1085-1113 (2013)

The Relationship between Innovation and Market Shares: Evidence from the Global LCD Industry” (with Jeongsik Lee)
Industry and Innovation 20(1):1-21 (2013) 

International Journal of  Industrial Organization 29: 718-728 (2011). 

Rand Journal of Economics 41(3): 446-471 (2010)

Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 19(2): 403-433 (2010).