Welcome to the BYU Musokai Karate Club. This is the official site for the club. If you would like to join, select the following link: Register Now!

Each practice gives you a total workout for your body, mind, and spirit:
  1. Self-Defense, Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline....
  2. Classes for all ages and abilities.
  3. Improves flexibility and agility.
  4. Enhances physical & mental strength.
  5. Eliminates stress
  6. Develops sensitivity and compassion towards other human beings
  7. Learn secret techniques of traditional Okinawa Karate
All classes are taught by Hoan Do, first degree black belt, and Kathy Hawkins, second degree black belt. We welcome anyone from any background.

 Hoan Do
 First degree blackbelt
Kathy Hawkins
Second degree blackbelt