Club Membership Info

We want You! 

 Want to Be a BYU Hero?  

(here is how)

  • Be a BYU student (if you are not, and you really want to come please contact the club president Andy Proctor).
  • Go to to find the Heroes of History club link to request information. You just enter in your BYU ID number and we will make you a member for free if you do what it says in the next bullet.
  • From now on, club dues are not always mandatory! All you need to do is come to the meetings, participate in the letter writing day on Sept 30, and you will not pay a dime!!! If you don't write the letters club dues are only $10 per semester or $15 for the year.
    • Membership comes with an awesome "BYU HERO" tshirt, some refreshments, and activities each semester. 
  • Come and participate on Tuesday.
  • Participate in the Heroic Service Project.