Here is what is going on this semester 

Find out who we will be talking about each week on this schedule. 

All meetings will be in room 2114 of the JFSB (Joseph F. Smith Building)  at 7:30 on Thursday nights.


16th First meeting - What does it mean to be a BYU Hero?

23rd Albert Einstein - are you an Einstein?

30th Letter writing service Project!


9th Thomas Edison/Nicola Tesla - Electrifying Thinkers

16th repeat of Edison and Tesla for those who missed it.

17th Friday Night Live (come hear the award winning speech and have fun!)

23rd John and Abigail Adams

30th Service Project with the Proposition 8 club (calling night). We will be true heroes of history by protecting the family.


6th Great Presidents - "at our most enlightened and alert"

13th Florence Nightengale's and the power of gratitude.

20th William Wilberforce - Amazing Grace

27th Thanksgiving Break!


9th Jesus Christ the Greatest Hero (presented by Special Guest Speaker: Robert Millet)

11th club party!

18th finals