Welcome to BYU's Interest Group site of the Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training!

The ANST Interest Group Program was developed by Division 40 of the American Psychological Association to "coordinate communication between ANST and graduate students across the country. The Interest Group Program was created in response to the prevalent concern expressed by students that they need more discussion of training and professional issues, particularly the training trajectory of neuropsychology."

This is our second year of being a part of the ANST Interest Group program and we are looking forward to the opportunities it has to offer in helping us collaborate within the department and with graduate students across the country.

Our current goals include providing the opportunity for students with a neuropsychology interest to take part in a variety of activities to enhance their current coursework and to prepare for future careers in the field. This can include activities like preparing for conference presentations, practicing before defending a prospectus or thesis, discussions about various issues in neuropsychology, sharing information about internship and career planning, and more!

Keep checking in with our calender for our recent events and see our contact information on the side for any questions/comments you may have. Also, check out our Forum page for discussions and announcements.

The official ANST website (http://www.div40-anst.com/index.html) has great information about neuropsychology, funding information, chapter activities, and more.

For more information about BYU's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, please see the department website at: https://psychology.byu.edu/Pages/ClinicalPhD.aspx.