The Software Development Process

A Byte of Python 

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We have now gone through the various phases in the process of writing a software. These phases can be summarised as follows:

  1. What (Analysis)

  2. How (Design)

  3. Do It (Implementation)

  4. Test (Testing and Debugging)

  5. Use (Operation or Deployment)

  6. Maintain (Refinement)


A recommended way of writing programs is the procedure we have followed in creating the backup script - Do the analysis and design. Start implementing with a simple version. Test and debug it. Use it to ensure that it works as expected. Now, add any features that you want and continue to repeat the Do It-Test-Use cycle as many times as required. Remember, 'Software is grown, not built'.


We have seen how to create our own Python programs/scripts and the various stages involved in writing such programs. You may find it useful to create your own program just like we did in this chapter so that you become comfortable with Python as well as problem-solving.

Next, we will discuss object-oriented programming.