Kevin Carter and His Pulitzer

    In March of 1993, amidst the brutality and anguish suffered by the people of sub-Saharan Africa, Kevin Carter took one of the most infamous photographs of its time. In the photo, an emaciated Sudanese toddler struggles to crawl toward a nearby aid station for food while a vulture sits just a few feet behind her, waiting for his own meal.

    According to Carter, he stood by for 20 minutes hoping the vulture would spread its wings which would make a much better shot but eventually just took the picture as we see it today. The severely starved toddler stopped crawling for awhile to catch her breath while Carter stood feet away and watched her suffer through his camera lens. After he snapped the photo, Carter scared the vulture away and left the toddler, who most likely starved to death before she reached the aid station.

     Carter later defended his non-action by stating that he “didn’t want to get involved.” He simply assumed that the humanitarian efforts were the responsibility of the aid workers, not a bystander such as he was at the time. The photograph awarded him the Pulitzer Prize. Carter killed himself the following year.

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