It's hard to believe that something as atrocious and massive as the Holocaust went on for years with little, if any, public outcry or protest.

    Concentration camps were built within miles of large towns and cities, whose residents could not have overlooked the stench bellowing out from the flumes on a daily basis.

    Germans and Nazi officers who were later tried for their involvement in the Holocaust argued that it was not their responsibility to report it to authorities, especially since the only authority in Europe were the Germans. They assumed that if the Holocaust was as serious as some journalists had reported, then someone else would step forward to put an end to it.

     During the Nuremburg trials, Nazi officers answered to their allegations of mass murder with the same simple phrase, "We were just following orders."

Image Source: https://sites.google.com/site/bystandereffect4/notorious-cases-of-bystander-effect/holocaust/Holocaust.GIF