The Murder of Catherine Genovese

Catherine Genovese

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    Catherine Genovese was just getting home from work at 3:15 AM in the Kew Gardens suburb of Queens, NY, back in March 1964. As she entered her apartment building, Winston Moseley stabbed her twice in the back. Just before collapsing to the ground, she screamed out for help “Oh my god, he stabbed me, help me!” which was heard by several neighbors who chalked it up to a lover’s spat.

    Moseley was temporarily scared off by one neighbor yelling out his window “let that girl alone!” but returned ten minutes later to finish what he started. He found Catherine at the rear of her apartment building, unable to get in the locked door. Moseley stabbed Catherine multiple times and proceeded to rape her toward the end after she stopped fighting. When he was done, he stole what little cash she had and left the scene.

    According to reports, there were approximately twelve witnesses who heard the first attack who later said the reason they “just didn’t want to get involved.”  They all assumed someone else would call the police.