My "unofficial" name is
Byron Tsang, and 曾國平 in Chinese.

  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Virginia Tech
  • Member, Economic Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Hong Kong

Address: Dept. of Economics, Virginia Tech, Pamplin Hall (0316), Blacksburg, VA 24061    Phone: (540) 231-5942 (Office)      Email: byront at

Curriculum Vitae (with links to published papers) (PDF version)    

Recent research interests: housing economics, macroeconomics and finance, monetary history, Adam Smith.

Working Papers
  • Work in Progress
    • A Tale of Two Networks: Trade and Financial Linkages in the Global Economy (multiple papers, with Shaowen Luo and Shyam Ranganathan, supported by the Dean Discovery Fund)
    • An Agnostic Approach to Time Series Forecasting (with Adam Check and Ming Lo)
    • The Economics of Prices in Pre-Modern China (multiple papers, with Shaowen Luo and T. Terry Cheung, supported by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation)
    • On the Present Value Model in a Cross Section of Stocks (with Jun Ma and Dick Startz)
    • Economic Development and Real Prices: An Update on the Digression on Silver
    • How Macroprudential is Adam Smith?


    The Economics and Moral Philosophy of Adam Smith (Spring 2021, tentative)

    Info for Undergraduate Students: Starting in 2020, I will provide a letter of recommendation only if you got an A minus or above in my class.