My "unofficial" name is
Byron Tsang, and 曾國平 in Chinese.

  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Virginia Tech
  • Faculty Fellow, Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience, Virginia Tech
  • Member, Economic Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Hong Kong

Address: Dept. of Economics, Virginia Tech, Pamplin Hall (0316), Blacksburg, VA 24061    Phone: (540) 231-5942 (Office)      Email: byrontkp at

Curriculum Vitae  (PDF version)    

Working Papers

1. Housing Economics
2. Exchange Rates
3. Asset Pricing
4. Empirical Macreconomics
  • 5. Others

    Work in Progress
    • Import Competition and Mortgage Origination (with Tat-kei Lai and Travis Ng)
    • Some Macroeconomics of Quality
    • A Tale of Two Networks: Trade and Financial Linkages in the Global Economy (multiple papers, with Shaowen Luo and Shyam Ranganathan, supported by the Dean Discovery Fund)
    • An Agnostic Approach to Time Series Forecasting (with Ming Lo)


    Commentaries in Chinese: Please go to the Facebook page or the blog for the articles.

    Commentaries in English: I have recently started writing for IPP Review (Singapore), and my articles can be accessed here

    I am also the co-owner of the blog Fictional Economics.