Byoung Hoon Seok
Associate Professor
52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu
Seoul, 03760, Republic of Korea


Emailbhseok [at]

Citizenship: Korean (South Korea), US Permanent Resident

Fields of Interests: International Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance,

                                Housing Markets, Chinese Economy, and Monetary Policy



  • Title: Essays on International Macroeconomic Aspects of Saving, Housing, and Labor Supply
  • Advisor: Mark A. Aguiar

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


On the Long-Term Effect of Recent Housing Policies in Korea, joint with Hye Mi You, forthcoming at Korean Economic Review

Structural Change in the Trend and Cycle in Korea, joint with Nam Gang LeeSeoul Journal of Economics, 33(1), pp. 19-42, 2020.

Wage Volatility and Changing Patterns of Labor Supply, joint with Jay H. Hong and Hye Mi YouInternational Economic Review, 60(2), pp. 595-630, 2019. [Appendix]

Explaining the Evolution of the U.S. Housing Market, joint with Hye Mi YouMacroeconomic Dynamics, 23(2), pp. 568-589, 2019.

Analyzing Changes in Korean Tax Revenue since the Asian Financial Crisis, joint with Hye Mi YouJournal of Market Economy (in Korean), 48(1), pp.1-42, 2019.

An Analysis of Dual-Earner Couples' Time Choices in Korea, joint with Hye Mi You, Journal of Women and Economics (in Korean), 15(4), pp.1-23, 2019.

An Economic Analysis of the Progressivity of Income Taxes Using a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model, joint with Hye Mi YouJournal of Economic Theory and Econometrics (in Korean), 29(4), pp.16-60, 2018.

Working Papers

Growth and Global Imbalances: The Role of Learning-by-Exporting, revise and resubmit at International Economic Review 

Macroeconomic Consequences of Migration Restrictions in China: The Role of Human Capital, joint with Jingchao Li and Hye Mi You, submitted

Rising Earnings Risk and Wealth Distribution with Housing, joint with Hye Mi You and Lini Zhang

Why Do Returns to Experience Differ across Countries?, joint with Hye Mi You