Consultancy and Services

Our focus is on solutions for your business and use a few tools to create the solution:


  • Assess and report on Application Perfomance: we work with your people to introduce the use of Apdex as an overall Quality of Expierence (User) indicator.
  • Assess and report on Network Performance ( Data, Voice, Video - Wired and Wireless )
  • Implement Enterprise Wide Network Monitoring


From the desktop to the datacenter, from wireless LANs to Gigabit backbones, on local segments and across distributed
networks, WildPackets products enable IT organizations to quickly find and fix problems affecting mission-critical
network services.


  • Application Performance: we monitor application response time, round-trip network delay, server responsiveness, database transactions per second, and myriad other low-level statistics and introduces the Application Performance Index to standardize the overall assessment of user satisfaction.

  • Network Baselining: Baselining is the process of recording network traffic and performance and saving the data for future reference or reviewing it for network performance analysis.

  • VoIP and VIoIP Monitoring and Analysis: with next generation networks in place and businesses rolling out more end user Voice and Video over IP applications, network engineers need the ability to analyze all network traffic with specific analysis.

  • Wireless Network Analysis: for the simple convenience of guest access, or for mission-critical network services, constant monitoring and analysis of your wireless network is required to maintain user satisfaction and to keep your organization safe and secure. As more companies begin using wireless as a primary medium for data services, including VoIP and video, a network analysis solution that can provide Expert analysis for both wired and wireless segments, simultaneously, is fast becoming a requirement.

  • Lawful Intercept Support: please contact us for more information on this topic