What we do

"Let us look into your network, and we will tell you how your business performs" Marc Delongie - 25/11/10

Byond Network is a consulting company that benchmarks, analyzes, and improves the performance of networked data, voice, and video applications. We help enterprises align ICT operations (network based application) with their business needs by optimizing network resources, processes and tools.

With years of project and service management experience in the field, Byond Network provide a complete set of assets to assist our customers optimizing their investment.

 Why does it matters

    Enterprises are submerged with IT performance numbers, but have no insight into how well their applications perform from a business point of view. Response time values do not reveal whether users are productive, and a greater number of samples leads to confusion. Averaging the samples washes out significant details about frustration with slow response times. Time values are not uniform across different applications. Traditional approaches to application performance management that monitor only individual pieces of the application delivery chain are no longer adequate.

    More than ever, application owners, IT managers and network administrators need solutions that let them monitor the entire network and troubleshoot problems wherever they are occurring, quickly and efficiently, so that business and other essential IT operations run smoothly and onto the expectations.

 What is the solution

There is not 'one' solution. But the roots of our solutions start at network level. Based on the information gathered from the network, we will start making a report, an advice on a solution and finally implement a solution. Even better is to implement a methodology how to measure your (business) application performance yourself and prevent degradation.

 Which tools do we use

As with the solution, there is not 'one' vendor that fits all, But Wildpackets comes in very close. WildPackets is a leading provider of network, application performance, and protocol analysis, VoIP monitoring, and troubleshooting solutions.
WatchPoint provides enterprise-wide network monitoring and reporting. It brings aggregation and expert analysis of NetFlow, sFlow, and packet data to a new level by offering Web 2.0 dashboard-style reporting of network traffic and application performance trends across the entire enterprise.
OmniPeek network analyzers perform deep packet inspection, network forensics, troubleshooting, and packet and protocol analysis of wired and wireless networks. TimeLine network recorders and OmniEngine software probes monitor and analyze NetFlow, sFlow, and packet data at remote locations.

 Other services we deliver

Because we have a broad knowledge of Wildpackets products, we can use these products to troubleshoot wired networks up to 10G, wireless networks up to 802.11n, monitor and analyse VOIP and VIOIP, analyse security risks, make lawfull interception, record all IP data.

Solutions to Service Management

Apdex can be used in the Service Assurance domain of ITIL. During  the build of a good Service Level all 4 stages (requirements, objectives, target and agreement) can use Apdex as a Key Performance Indicator as the common denominator. Wildpacket products are perfectly suited for this purpose and other monitoring tasks.

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VOIP ready? Test your network 

We can evaluate your network and baseline it for later purposes like capacityplanning or troubleshooting

Not sure why your wireless performs so poorly...

There is nothing so frustrating than hopping around with your laptop or standing with your mobile phone waving in the air searching for a connection. It is not onlyunproductive, it gives also your company a bad reputation. With the right tools and the right skills, it's just a matter solving the problem - not guessing were the problem comes from.