Advent Calendar

posted Oct 17, 2009, 9:21 AM by Virginia Avanesyan

The following is excerpted from Marsha D. Holliday's book, Tots to Teens: Ideas for First Day School.  Go to our Free to Share page to download the entire document for helpful tips and introductory comments on Teaching the Bible to Quakers.] 

ADVENT CALENDARS FOR CHRISTMAS:  Cut little doors in a piece of construction paper for each day in December preceding Christmas.  Label the doors with the days of the month.  At the top, staple a piece of plain paper behind the calendar.  Behind the doors, have the children paste pictures that they cut out of magazines or from Christmas cards.  Remove the staples and glue the two papers together around the edges.

Discussion question: 

·      I wonder how you wait for something good to happen? 

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