Lisa Bylinina

I am a semanticist, currently (as of 1 November 2013) a postdoc at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, as part of a project called "Knowledge and culture" (subproject "Language and number").

My dissertation 
entitled "The grammar of standards: Judge-dependence, purpose-relativity, and comparison classes in degree constructions" was written as part of Rick Nouwen's project "Degrees under discussion" at Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (defended 14 Feb 2014). In my dissertation, I discuss the semantics of degree constructions -- more specifically, on what a standard (of comparison) is and how it works -- across constructions and languages.

My research interests include the structure and semantics of degree and quantity constructions (cross-linguistically), subjectivity and perspective-dependence in the grammar of natural languages, and more.

Some recent output
  • (with Yasutada Sudo) Varieties of Intensification: Remarks on Beltrama and Bochnak ‘Intensification without degrees cross-linguistically’. To appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (special issue on degree and manner modification).
  • Degree infinitival clauses. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 23 [final version]
  • Judge-dependence in degree constructions (under revision for Journal of Semantics)
  • (with Yury Lander) THAN = MORE + EVEN: Evidence from Kabardian. In Proceedings of Amsterdam Colloquium 2013 [final version]
  • Functional standards and the absolute/relative distinction. In A. Aguilar Guevara, A. Chernilovskaya, and R. Nouwen (eds.) Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 16: Volume 1 (pp. 141-157). Cambridge: MITWPL.