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Movie Title :Crank

Chev Chelios is a professional assassin working for the West Coast crime syndicate. Chev's girlfriend Eve doesn't know what Chev does and Chev is planning to quit the crime syndicate so he can spend more time with her. But for Chev, things about to get very bad, when he learns he has been injected with a poison called "The Beijing Cocktail" by his rival Verona, which will kill him if his heart rate drops. Trying to stay alive and seeking help from friend, Kaylo and Doc Miles, to keep his heart pumping. Chev sets out to find answers as well as protecting Eve, and get his revenge on those who have betrayed him before the poison kills him. Written by Daniel Williamson

Year : 2006

Genres : Action Crime Drama Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 7.10

Poison in his veins. Vengeance in his heart. There are a thousand ways to raise your adrenaline. Today, Chev Chelios will need every single one. Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns stark. (German Translation: What does not kill us, makes us stronger.) "My name is Chev Chelios, and today is the day I die" If his heart stops pumping adrenalin... It will be the day Chev Chelios dies You Stop You Die

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Actors : Jason Statham=Chev Chelios Amy Smart=Eve Jose Pablo Cantillo=Verona Efren Ramirez=Kaylo Dwight Yoakam=Doc Miles Carlos Sanz=Carlito Reno Wilson=Orlando Edi Gathegi=Haitian Cabbie Glenn Howerton=Doctor Jay Xcala=Alex Keone Young=Don Kim Valarie Rae Miller=Chocolate Yousuf Azami=Arab Cabbie Laurent Schwaar=Man in Garage (as Laurent Schwar) David Brown=Sin City Brother Dorian Kingi=Convenience Store Clerk Med Abrous=Verona Crew #1 Daniel Stevens=Verona Crew #2 Wally Lozano=Verona Crew #3 David T. Green=Hightower

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Directors : Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor

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