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Canadian School of Dance Competitive Dance Group

Owners and Directors: Fran Coyle and Monica Adjeleian

Canadian School of Dance (CSD) Competitive team consists of 60 plus dancers that range in ages from 5-17. We are a core group of senior students that have danced together for over 8 years. Our team dances and competes in many different genres including Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Aside from our technical training our senior group also works at developing team spirit and unity within our studio. 

Performance piece:

"Moment of Greatness" approx. 2min 45 sec.

A contemporary piece that sees our lives as a compilation of short stories that put together, make up the bigger picture of our lives. How we turn the pages and create our own destinies.

Choreographed by Katiana Pare : Instructor/Choreographer Canadian School of Dance. Performer with Pheonix Project Dance.


Maxine Adjeleian, Rachel Adjeleian, Kevin Atkinson, Emeline Chagnon-Zimmerly, Jenny Lecours, Emily Missios, Michael Missios, Renee Nolan and Kathleen Pick.

Past Achievements:

The CSD competitive team has had the honor of winning many regional overall titles throughout the years. In 2011 our team participated in the American Dance Awards National Competition and won the Rosemarie Boyden Memorial Award and the Gloria Jean Cuming award in Boston MA, United Stated.

Our team productions, choreographed by director Fran Coyle have achieved highest scoring production trophies for the last 3 years at various National Competitions.

Our own Michael Missios is reigning Junior Male Dancer of the Year 2014. He won his title this past summer at the American Dance Awards in Boston MA, United States.

CSD has also participated and performed in fundraisers for blood Cancer, Brain tumor foundation, United Way kick off and Dancers give back which helps raise funds for the Royal Ottawa Hospital and "Do it for Daron/D.I.F.D"