About me

I earned my Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University in July 2017 with the dissertation topic: "Essays on Fiscal Policy, Institutions and Economic Growth."

I am currently employed with the World Bank Group (DC) as a Field Coordinator for the Development Impact Evaluation unit and also work as a Research Associate in International Center for Public Policy (ICePP) at Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. 

After graduating from Aktobe Kazakh-Turkish Highschool, I attended Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Economics in 2008 and worked as a Lecturer at SDU during 2018-2009 academic year. In 2009, I was awarded Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship by U.S. Department of State to pursue Master of Arts in Economics at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, USA. After receiving MA degree, I continued to Ph.D. in Economics at GSU in 2011. My primary fields of interest are Public Economics and Development Economics, specifically state and local public finance, fiscal federalism, taxation, the progressivity of personal income taxes, and their relation to economic development and growth, macroeconomic stability, institutional quality and income inequality. My dissertation topic under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Martinez-Vazquez (GSU) is on the impact of fiscal decentralization on economic growth in cross-country setting using geography indicators of the country as instrumental variables to identify the causality. We recently published a related paper in Journal of Economic Geography (2017) along with Dr. Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza (EAFIT, Colombia). 
I am also interested in the use of experimental approaches in public service delivery, particularly in the delivery of health services using affordable technology in developing countries. I am involved in several randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies in Pakistan under the supervision of Dr. Musharraf Cyan that we are planning to develop for publication in leading health journals. 

Please find my latest Curriculum Vitae here.

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Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
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