Social exclusion is a type of bullying that makes the victim feel left out from a special group of friends. For example, if I asked to sit at a lunch table with a group of kids, they might say something like "Get out of here, you are not cool!" Or the could tell you to get out of here because they are saving a seat for someone else. To fix this type of bullying you can start overwhelming the bullies with other topics such as "How is your day?" or "Isn't this taco great? Whats your favorite type of taco?" try to change the subject. This way, the bully will not have enough time to continue with the negative comments related to trying to get you out. You could also say something like "Oh don't worry, I only take up half of a seat." Here is a script of the wrong way how to handle this type of bullying.

Sammy: "Hey guys can I sit here?"
Joshua: "No, you're an idiot. You aren't cool enough to be sitting next to us. Go away!"
Sammy: "Let me sit here!" Whining, Sammy goes and tells a teacher.
This is a very bad way to deal with bullying. You should NEVER show emotion to the bully or tell a teacher unless it gets physical. If it gets a little physical we have it covered; (visit our page:Physical Bullying) but if it does get out of hand, this is the one time that we will tell you to tell a teacher because no one wants anyone hurt. The bully thinks it is funny when your feelings get hurt, and feeds on your emotions. The bully will stop if you show no emotion because they will get bored. They will be even worse to you to try to get you to give them a response. You have to persist through this, give the bully a neutral comment or stay silent. If you show any negative emotion, the bully will know that if they try hard enough, they will get a response from you, which will consequently make them bully you even MORE. Or, the teacher will tell the bully to stop. They will at first, but this is only a temporaray solution and the bully may corner you later. As a result, the bully will want revenge that you got them in trouble.
This is the right way to handle social exclusion:

Sammy: "Hey guys, can I sit here?"
Joshua: " No you are not cool!''
Sammy: (sits down next to Joshua, interrupts him)" Math was so boring! So how was your day?"
Joshua: "Um... Good?"
 Yay for Sammy! He was kind to the bully, throwing them off guard and making them not bully him. If the bully starts arguing with you and stays on subject, then it is more than likely that Joshua will figure out that Sammy is not going to give up. He will probably start to get more polite about asking Sammy to leave. Perha[ps he will even stop this! They might even start to become friends. Also, Joshua and Sammy will probably run out of time for lunch! I can almost guarentee that you will be bully free tomorrow