Physical Bullying

Physical bullying can happen in many ways. A few examples of physical bullying are...
1. If someone takes an item away from you.
2. If someone is hitting, punching, pushing, or kicking you.
3. If someone purposely hurts you in a sport.    
The way to handle these three types of physical bullying is for 1., Act like you don't really care that they took the item because they want your reaction not the item they stole from you.
For 2., When you get in a fight, the whole thing starts out in words. Nobody is going to just come up to you and punch you in the face randomly. It takes arguing. How you prevent the arguing is when the bully insults you, show no emotion. Act like you don't care because the bully will lose interest in bullying you. As a result, he will just walk away and you will be bully free.
For 3., Act like you don't care. If it happens again you can say something like; "Thanks you just cracked my back! I needed that!" and pretend that nothing happened. If you stay positive than they will probably get bored. It starts to get serious if you are repeatedly getting hurt, and no one has the right to hurt you. But if it does get out of hand, this is the only time that we will recommend that you tell a teacher, or coach (Tis type of bullying can happen anywhere; not just on the soccer field) because we don't want you getting hurt.